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Illinitennisfan11 07-25-2003 04:58 PM

The "I Love Brian Vahaly" Thread
:See Title:

Yes it's true, I love Brian Vahaly. He is so sweet and nice, we sat and talked to him for a while yesterday, and then he found out we didn't get A-Rod's autographs, so he took our draws down into the players room and got him to sign then brought them back up to us. How many people would do that?? We also watched him hitting with Brad Gilbert's son yesterday. He has taken over the ranks as one of my favorite tennis players. And we told him if he came back to our challenger, we're personally be his ballgirls, lol. Though, he did say "See you in Champaign!" when we had to leave. :) Brian Vahaly rocks.

Hurley 07-25-2003 05:30 PM

Re: The "I Love Brian Vahaly" Thread
He does rock :D

Leo 07-26-2003 07:01 AM

Re: The "I Love Brian Vahaly" Thread
Learned some things about Brian today. First of all, he was named one of the "Most Eligible Bachelors" by People. And second of all, he once dated Alicia from "Step by Step" (love that show, was just watching a rerun today)! Anyway, she is gorgeous, but they split.

Havok 08-12-2003 04:52 PM

go Brian!!!!!!

Kristen 01-12-2004 09:48 AM

Re: The "I Love Brian Vahaly" Thread
guys... i joined a yahoo group, and i want to help revive it. Brian has a hell of a lot of fans, and i think it'd be ggood if we could regularly keep in touch with each other...what do you think?

lfty 07-08-2004 11:18 AM

Re: The "I Love Brian Vahaly" Thread
:woohoo: Brian finally won a match this year! I can’t even express how happy that makes me. I don’t even know why I like Brian so much. But he’s had such a tough year. And he FINALLY won!! :yippee: Maybe he should get food poisoning more often.

rue 07-21-2004 11:29 PM

Re: The "I Love Brian Vahaly" Thread
I really like Brian because he is a really nice person. Even though he has struggled this year, he still continues on believing that he will be able to win matches. He, by the way is a strong devoted Christian, something that I would love to see more of in tennis.

Kristen 07-22-2004 02:07 PM

Re: The "I Love Brian Vahaly" Thread
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Brians first round match in Indianapolis 2004. :wavey:

Kristen 10-04-2004 05:42 AM

Brian Vahaly
Very happy to see him in the singles and doubles finals at College Station :yeah: even if he could only manage the doubles title :p

Go Brian! :woohoo:

Fee 10-04-2004 06:23 AM

Re: The "I Love Brian Vahaly" Thread
Good, I'm glad that he finally won something, anything. Perhaps I will see him next week at the Tiburon Challenger.

danceprincess202 12-20-2004 04:58 PM

Re: The "I Love Brian Vahaly" Thread
I haven't met Brian, but we've emailed and he sent me an autographed pic! Such a sweetheart!

TennisAnyone 12-24-2004 12:17 AM

Re: The "I Love Brian Vahaly" Thread
Brian is a great guy

Deboogle!. 02-02-2005 01:23 AM

Re: The "I Love Brian Vahaly" Thread
Well Brian won his first ATP main draw match today in a long time! Too bad he had to beat Kendrick, but this was a long time coming. I hope Brian can stay healthy!

Kristen 02-02-2005 04:42 AM

Re: The "I Love Brian Vahaly" Thread
About time Brian! :yeah:
Hopefully his ankle (was it?) won't give him any more issues. I'm crossing fingers he'll be able to get to the Aus Open next year! LOL... so here's to an injury free, and higher-ranked 2005 :D

Fee 02-02-2005 05:10 AM

Re: The "I Love Brian Vahaly" Thread
Rock and Roll Brian!!!!!!!!!!!!

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