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esther 07-15-2003 05:14 AM

Paulo won first round 6-1 6-2!! :D :D
Boutter lost 6-3 2-6 1-6

Second rounds:
Paulo vs Coria
Mutis vs Davydenko
Seb vs Volandri/Sanchez

sebgrosfan 07-15-2003 11:00 AM

Re: Stuttgart
> Souvent, quan on regarde Jour de foot à la télé, ils s'endorment dans les bras l'un de l'autre, sur le canapé

:rolleyes: Sounds pretty gay to me! :lol:

Lindsayfan 07-15-2003 11:21 AM

Re: Stuttgart
they arent gay,they r just like brothers :rolleyes:

Catriel 07-15-2003 01:57 PM

Re: Stuttgart
Hola Valeria! :kiss:

Lindsayfan 07-15-2003 07:19 PM

Re: Stuttgart
hola Catriel! nice to see you here! :kiss:

esther 07-16-2003 06:20 AM

Re: Stuttgart
of course they are gay... :hug: :eek:
lol! but i gotta be careful of what i say...*sigh* so cute
do you have Passing Potes sebgrosfan?


G Coria (ARG) d PH Mathieu (FRA) 75 63
(14)N Davydenko (RUS) d O Mutis (FRA) 60 76(3)


Well Seb is the last frenchie left is he? Plays Volandri today :D :D
gooo seeebbb

Lindsayfan 07-16-2003 07:04 AM

Re: Stuttgart
good luck seb (sorry filo,u know i like you as well)

lizabeth..* 07-16-2003 07:15 AM

:sad: :sad:

esther 07-16-2003 12:08 PM

Re: Stuttgart
seb lost 6-2 6-1

Lindsayfan 07-16-2003 12:51 PM

Re: Stuttgart
seb didnt want to play this tourney,atp forced him and that's the result :rolleyes:

sebgrosfan 07-16-2003 05:45 PM

Re: Stuttgart
6-2 6-1?? Either something is really wrong or he has very obviously thrown the match. Jeez, a little effort please, Sebas... People buy tickets to come watch him play and they get this... :smash:

esther 07-18-2003 05:13 AM

Re: Stuttgart
i know!!! he did that during the tournament before wimby as well...its not very nice...*sigh*

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