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joyk 07-31-2005 07:38 PM

Bravo Andrei!
:bigclap: :bigclap: :bigclap: He and Friedl won the final. :bounce:

Mara_M 07-31-2005 08:18 PM

Re: Bravo Andrei!

Originally Posted by joyk
:bigclap: :bigclap: :bigclap: He and Friedl won the final. :bounce:

:clap2: but i'm not sure it's coul :boxing:

Mara_M 07-31-2005 08:19 PM

Re: Bravo Andrei!
mean that we will see him in doubles with trifu in cd....

Sugar Kane 08-02-2005 10:30 PM

Re: Bravo Andrei!
*keeping fingers crossed*

Arwyn_75 08-03-2005 04:22 PM

Re: Bravo Andrei!

Sandra 08-03-2005 06:48 PM

Re: Bravo Andrei!
:secret: I wasnt expecting it

Arwyn_75 08-03-2005 07:13 PM

Re: Bravo Andrei!
It´s great!

Mara_M 08-03-2005 08:32 PM

Re: Bravo Andrei!
why is it so great?if u talk about the u want him in cd doubles still?after he played soooo...bad with belarus?my opinion..

joyk 08-04-2005 08:38 AM

Re: Bravo Andrei!
But they made a great team against Croatia.

Mara_M 08-04-2005 05:08 PM

Re: Bravo Andrei!
they lost!!joyk...i admit that trifu has played pretty good in that match...i sad once:i congratulet who teached trifu how 2 play tennis in just a week!but we stil lost!and we will lose a better team if we don't give them a shoot(i mean mergea-tecau,of course)!

joyk 08-04-2005 07:15 PM

Re: Bravo Andrei!
Yes they lost but they were extremly close,they both played beautifully and more important they were a team.There were moments in the game where I was sure of their victory,but lets face it Ivan and Mario are just better players than Andrei and Gabriel.I seriously doubt Mergea-Tecau is better combination than Pavel-Trifu.

Mara_M 08-05-2005 01:55 PM

Re: Bravo Andrei!
i seriously think they are better..i understand u like pavel,i like him 2..but he and trifu are just good friends,not a team..since when haven't them win in this formula?

joyk 08-05-2005 04:32 PM

Re: Bravo Andrei!
I want the best for our team,but I`m not sure what that is.

Mara_M 08-05-2005 05:23 PM

Re: Bravo Andrei! last 3-4matches of pavel-trifu with ecuador's doubles and u'll know...

bjorn4tennis92 08-08-2005 01:55 AM

Re: Bravo Andrei!
andrei pavel rocks!!! good try in Davis cup. good luck @ the usopen come back to the top 2o andrei!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go romania!!!! :D

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