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aneevar 07-27-2005 08:52 AM

hello ! from INDIA
hi ,
i'm 20 yr male from INDIA. obviously i'm atennis fan , a buff . but as i havent played tennis i'm afraid i'm not very knowledegeble about many of tennis' technical aspects. though i find that most of the times my gut instincts are correct about match-results .
currently my favourite players are FEDERER( he is just what achamp should be) , safin , hewitt( though offensive overall i like his fight against every body courage-in face of criticism) , ferrero.
of past i liked sampras' game( who wont?) , but not his personality , but
he's a favourite in a way. aqlso i fancied ivanisevic's serve and agassi' returns and mellowed down ( bald one's) personality!
now something about me -
a/s/l : 20/m/indore(INDIA)
occupation : student (accountancy)
hobbies : reading, watching and playing sports, sight seeing!
lifestyles of people from different places of the globe.


Angle Queen 07-27-2005 12:50 PM

Re: hello ! from INDIA
What a nice introduction!

Welcome to the boards :)


aneevar 07-30-2005 05:40 AM

Re: hello ! from INDIA
thanks AQ for ur reply. i'm glad to know that u liked my intro well enough to reply , otherwise i wouldnt have had a single reply( not a very inviting beginning ) !!
i'm sure we gonna have some real fun on the mtf in future!

bad gambler 07-30-2005 08:00 AM

Re: hello ! from INDIA
another indian on mtf, great to see :rocker:

and what about sania mirza? ;)

welcome :wavey:

Daniel 08-01-2005 02:15 AM

Re: hello ! from INDIA
Welcome :wavey: :) :kiss:

RodLo 08-01-2005 03:40 AM

Re: hello ! from INDIA
Wow...much better introduction than I ever had. :lol:

Welcome. :wavey:

Hoostie 08-01-2005 11:06 AM

Re: hello ! from INDIA

Amirah 08-03-2005 02:49 PM

Re: hello ! from INDIA
Hey,there... :wavey: Welcome... Hope ur gonna hav a blast here! ;) :angel:

RebelNYC 08-03-2005 07:05 PM

Re: hello ! from INDIA
Welcome! That is one of the great things about tennis - people from all over the world enjoy it! Hope that the terrible rains have not affected you or your family!

aneevar 08-04-2005 08:30 AM

Re: hello ! from INDIA
BTW BADGAMBLER Sania has def. petrova and will be <50 for the first time . She is really having abreakthrough yr. Go gal go!!
and regards to u REBELNYC . really nice to know ur concern , u really seem a caring soul ! ( my hometown didnt receive that much rains n i'm fit n fine though its really sad that in coastal metro & INDIAS financial hub Mumbai(= bombay) it took a heavy toll and hundreds have lost lives! GOD bless their souls !

Corinna 08-04-2005 10:13 AM

Re: hello ! from INDIA
:wavey: welcome here
great intro :yeah: :D i am sure you'll have loads of fun on mtf :hug:
you're having a great taste
especially with hewitt and ferrero :hearts: :D
you should come to juanqui's threads :D


RebelNYC 08-04-2005 01:05 PM

Re: hello ! from INDIA
Aneevar, So glad that the terrible flooding from the rain did not affect your hometown.
I know that the BBC News is running the video footage from Mumbai, and it is just
horrible ... all those people who have died, it is just tragic.

I am a huge fan of Agassi, but also love Hewitt, Federer, Juan Carlos.

aneevar 08-05-2005 08:03 AM

Re: hello ! from INDIA
got a nice taste in players REBELNYC . ur fav has just had an impressive win, what do u think can he still trouble federer like 04 at USO , did he appear fit ( i followed the match on ESPN , and it could have really been a 3 setter) enough for a 4/5 setter? I would like him to really be fit and confident in USO and show Andy n Leyton how to play federer!
btw '92 wimby final between agassi n goran is one of my fav matches ( i got the 1st glimpse of Gorans incredible serving and Andres amazing returns- if i recall correctly goran served amazingly in the 4 th set to take it to 5 sets! )

RebelNYC 08-05-2005 01:30 PM

Re: hello ! from INDIA
If Andre is fit, he can trouble anybody! Roger is at the top of his game, he is the one who gives everybody the most trouble! Goran is a character, I wish there were more
like him in tennis. I was very glad when he won Wimby in that amazing match against
Rafter. But VERY glad that Andre's return game bettered Goran when they played.

As long as Andre is fit & healthy he is dangerous. I hope to see him again live at the
US Open! I was in the crowd when he won the US OPEN against Todd Martin and it was the greatest sports event I have ever attended!

g35-great 08-07-2005 09:17 PM

Re: hello ! from INDIA
i am from india toooooooooooooooooooooooooo\
welcome... come and join us in the chat sometime... but i tell u QuakeNet is bitch :mad:

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