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jmgsdoubsprtnr 07-21-2005 06:18 PM

Jan Hernych
i was surprised to see that Jan Hernych didn't have a thread yet. i just got back from Indy and i took some really close up pictures of him. he lost the match, but he looked good doing it! i'll post the pics asap!

Papakori 07-22-2005 09:20 PM

Re: Jan Hernych
I quite like him, it is nice to see him do well!

I look forward for the picture

Papakori 07-23-2005 11:46 AM

Re: Jan Hernych
Jan's LA Draw:

(1) AGASSI, Andre USA vs Q
CARLSEN, Kenneth DEN vs. KIM, Kevin USA
SRICHAPHAN, Paradorn THA vs (6) ANCIC, Mario CRO

(4) HAAS, Tommy GER vs KARLOVIC, Ivo CRO
MALISSE, Xavier BEL vs LEE, Hyung-Taik KOR
CHELA, Juan Ignacio ARG vs BAGHDATIS, Marcos CYP
FISH, Mardy USA vs (5) DENT, Taylor USA

(8) RUSEDSKI, Greg GBR vs Q
MULLER, Gilles LUX vs SPADEA, Vincent USA
(WC) BLAKE, James USA vs (3) KIEFER, Nicolas GER

(7) GROSJEAN, Sebastien FRA vs MELLO, Ricardo BRA
Q vs (WC) MAMIIT, Cecil USA
BECK, Karol SVK vs (2) HRBATY, Dominik SVK

Quite nice!

Papakori 07-24-2005 11:12 AM

Re: Jan Hernych

Jan won a tournament in Prague this year. I like this picture!

jmgsdoubsprtnr 07-24-2005 11:10 PM

Re: Jan Hernych
yes, that is a good picture! looks like me and you might be the only Jan fans around here. oh well, we know he's good!

Papakori 07-25-2005 10:30 AM

Re: Jan Hernych
Hernych will play tomorrow against the qualifier. I will look to see who it is

SuperFurryAnimal 07-25-2005 10:49 AM

Re: Jan Hernych
I support Hernych as well, since he beat the Weasel in Rosmalen a couple of months ago! :worship:

jmgsdoubsprtnr 07-25-2005 06:17 PM

Re: Jan Hernych
:woohoo: 3 of us now!

good luck to Jan!!!

Papakori 07-26-2005 11:04 AM

Re: Jan Hernych
Yay 3 :yippee:

Today Jan is playing against Jonas Bjorkman.

Good luck!

jmgsdoubsprtnr 07-26-2005 06:33 PM

Re: Jan Hernych
i like both players. i can just hope for a great match, where both players play their best and don't get hurt. Good luck to both men! :yeah:

Papakori 07-27-2005 10:16 AM

Re: Jan Hernych
:yippee: Jan wins

6-4 6-4

Next: Hrbaty

jmgsdoubsprtnr 07-27-2005 06:20 PM

Re: Jan Hernych
great job Jan! good luck against Dom!

Papakori 07-28-2005 10:39 AM

Re: Jan Hernych
Jan lost 4-6 and 2-6

jmgsdoubsprtnr 07-28-2005 06:13 PM

Re: Jan Hernych
awww. but he DID win in doubles. against the person that beat him in singles. his partner is Karlovic. GO BOYS!!!

Papakori 07-28-2005 09:10 PM

Re: Jan Hernych
That is probably my favourite team!

jmgsdousprtnr, have you got your photo's yet of Jan, I am looking forward very much to seeing them when they are developed!

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