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NicoFan 07-16-2005 04:13 PM

An article in about plans for preparing for the Davis Cup tie against Pakistan in September.

I'm totally against this 10 days before thing - not that I have a voice in!

Nico has to think of himself first - he's got 1000 points to defend this summer (which is totally monstrous), and while I hope he wins, chances are that he will lose ground in the rankings. Nico has to play every tournament between now and the end of the year - he can't miss a tournament after the US Open just to prepare for Davis Cup. And its unfair to ask him too. If he loses too much ground, he won't be able to get into the Masters Series events in Madrid and Paris - both places where he has points to defend.

There is the Romania tournament just before Davis Cup - its a lightweight tournament that he has a chance to win or be the finalist for - I woulld like to see him there. And ditto after Davis Cup - no staying to celebrate. He needs to get to Palermo - another tournament with not many heavy hitters that he can again win or be a finalist at.

Unfortunately after the fiasco surrounding the DC vs. Russia where he was (wrongly) accused of faking his injury in order not to play because of Horacio, he'll probably be forced into the 10 day thing. :mad:

Its a shame that he'll be asked to sacrifice like this when Pakistan should be such a slam dunk tie for Chile.

But just my humble opinion. ;)


The captain wants to include the tennis players 10 days before the match and to call to a pair of youthful.

Since last week, the captain of the consensus is designed to his new works. "I communicated with Nicolas Massú and this week I went to converse with Fernando González", account. Besides it explains that, a month before the encounter, there will be payroll and will define their coaching body: "could be five players, more two of projection. I would like to see, for example, in what level is Jorge Aguilar".

-¿When would like to have the players?

-Some ten days before would be good. We are favorite, but not one must trust. Playing in the court central is not easy. Is in a pit, feels a lot of the pressure, the rowboats are different. They have played there, but créeme that is not the same thing by Davis Cup. Therefore we have to see if are going to want the slow court and all that.

-¿What activities has in agenda?

-I want to go some days al US Open, to obtain me videos of the Pakistanis and to work hard with them. One must win yes or yes.

*Ljubica* 07-16-2005 06:01 PM

Re: Davis Cup: Chile vs. Pakistan
Argentina do the same thing Nico - something about creating Team spirit and pulling together and all that. Personally I'm against it too - David is doing great over in Australia at the moment and I'm happy for him, but in order to play for Argentina in this DC he has sacrificed ALL the Summer tourneys and won't play any ATP tournaments between Wimbledon and Cincinatti :rolleyes: So, in effect, havng struggled back into the Top 10 after Wimby, he will drop straight back out again just because he hasn't participated in any events for 5 weeks.

I have no idea how Nico feels on this issue, but if he is like David then he will give up the points etc without blinking, because Davis Cup seems to be so much more of a big deal in South America than it is in the States or England or many other parts of Europe. Remembering his pride during the Olympics I would imagine that he'll be prepared for the "sacrifice" to help his country just as David is. I personally think it's totally unfair for players to be put in that kind of position out of "patriotism", but I know David is happy to do it and I kind of get the feeling Nico would be too.

NicoFan 07-16-2005 06:54 PM

Re: Davis Cup: Chile vs. Pakistan
I didn't realize that David had given up all those tournaments. Crazy. And sad that he'll drop out of the top ten - a place he very much belongs - he should be like 5, 6 in the world with his talent. But I'm watching him play doubles as I type this because I didn't see it last night, and am totally proud of him. He played awesome against Arthurs, and now in doubles, well I just didn't realize that David was such a good doubles player. And you can tell he's totally psyched up, how much it means to him.

And yes, Nico will gladly sacrifice to win for Chile. Like you, I just feel that he shouldn't have to make the choice - not Chile's fault or his fault - there's got to be a better way to schedule DC. And I love DC - never want to see it disappear, but also don't want Nico to be ranked 60 something at the end of the year, and not get into Madrid or Paris. :sad:

Last weekend, I copied the Olympics doubles match for a friend, and thought as I was watching it how much Nico really sacrificed then. He could have say silver is fine for the doubles, I want my gold in the singles, and not played hard. But he didn't - he was running around, pumping up Fena like a little! There was a very real chance that by doing so that it would cost him the gold in singles, but he still did.

That's why I love the boy - good heart, very loyal person. :hug:

*Ljubica* 07-16-2005 08:42 PM

Re: Davis Cup: Chile vs. Pakistan
Yes - I agree, and I remember sitting here and watching the Olympics on TV last year and cheering him and Feña on. One of my girlfriends was at the Olympics and became a lifelong fan of Team Chile after seeing them play :) I haven't seen David's doubles match yet because British TV aren't showing that tie :sad:, but a good friend of mine has taped it for me and she promises me it will be on it's way to me next week along with some of his match against Wayne Arthurs :) Hopefully his slip from the Top 10 will only be temporary as he has no points to defend in Cinci or Canada Masters' this year (he was injured for them last year),

revolution 07-16-2005 10:39 PM

Re: Davis Cup: Chile vs. Pakistan

Originally Posted by NicoFan

-I want to go some days al US Open, to obtain me videos of the Pakistanis and to work hard with them. One must win yes or yes.

Regardless of the surface, Chile would spank Pakistan everywhere. Seriously how OTT can people get!

+alonso 07-20-2005 04:53 PM

Re: Davis Cup: Chile vs. Pakistan
Nico can't do that... no 10 days.. nicofan is right.. there are so many point to defend and joey is right too.. pakistan will not defeat chie this year .. :rolleyes: so i think nico has to practice in euro-clay and a little rest before DC.

Fergie 09-07-2005 02:18 PM

Re: Davis Cup: Chile vs. Pakistan
Only 2 weeks!!!

NicoFan 09-07-2005 02:50 PM

Re: Davis Cup: Chile vs. Pakistan
We need to come up with a better thread name than Davis Cup: Chile vs. Pakistan - my fault - my title is too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any ideas?

Fergie 09-07-2005 04:14 PM

Re: Davis Cup: Chile vs. Pakistan
We need a VIVA CHILE here! :angel:

NicoFan 09-07-2005 04:41 PM

Is that okay?

NicoFan 09-07-2005 04:45 PM

Well kind of the same as Fernando's board but that's okay...amigos, teammates, both will take CHILE back to the world group!!

Fergie 09-07-2005 04:50 PM

Now is better! :yeah:

+alonso 09-08-2005 02:34 AM

:woohoo: :lol:

NicoFan 09-15-2005 01:23 PM

FYI - Nico and Fernando start practice today at 11:00 a.m. Chile time.

Buena suerte to the chicos!

NicoFan 09-15-2005 07:00 PM

I can't wait for there to be news on the boys and Davis Cup...its too quiet here... :sad:

Hey we need reports and pictures from the Chileans going to watch them practice.. ;) ;) ;)

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