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Tennis_Mad 07-10-2005 08:06 AM

Hi people....
Just found this site and its look very good and busy!

I am a Brit so don't have too much to cheer about in terms of the game homewise or sadly after the London bombings.


I do think Henman is past his peak but am hoping Murray manages to improve his fitness and become a decent player.

Well done to Greg for getting to the final in Newport.

Seems no one can touch the Fed express on grass and hard court at least and I felt Roddick showed some great sportsmanship after his defeat last Sunday.

allanah 07-10-2005 09:30 AM

Re: Hi people....
Hi TM :wavey:

I like Tim too and I love that he did the best he could with his talent. I hope he can get back into the top 10 - it's sad he doesn't get the respect he deserves in the media for having maintained such a high ranking for so long.

Not yet convinced by Murraymania but good luck to him.

Tennis_Mad 07-10-2005 09:32 AM

Re: Hi people....
I do think in general the British press put too much pressure on our sportsmen and then knock them down quickly when they fail (ok in Henman's case this year it may've been deserved) but not for losing to the best players on grass at the time.

bad gambler 07-11-2005 04:14 AM

Re: Hi people....
welcome TM :bigwave:

Corinna 07-11-2005 11:46 AM

Re: Hi people....
hey TM :hug: welcome here nad have loads of fun :D

Daniel 07-12-2005 03:21 AM

Re: Hi people....
Welcome :wavey:

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