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Éowyn 05-31-2005 04:25 AM

jan-mikes birthday!
if my memory serves correctly it is jan-mikes birthday on friday! fee please correct me if i'm wrong!

anyways hopefully i'll catch up with him on saturday at queens (i'll sure as hell try if worse comes to the worse and i can't get to him personally as i'll be working there i'm sure i can find a way of getting to him some way or other!) anywho i was thinking maybe i could make a lil birthday book for him! i know it's not much warning! but i didn't think about his birthday till today.

so if anyone wants to send any messages or anything, pm them to me or email or something. unles sof course i am wrong and it's not his birthday at all in which case i will look like a dumbass and you can all commence laughing at me now! :p

aceit 05-31-2005 04:27 AM

Re: jan-mikes birthday!
I checked. It is Friday. :)

Fee 05-31-2005 05:44 AM

Re: jan-mikes birthday!
June 3rd. He'll be 28.

Éowyn 05-31-2005 01:10 PM

Re: jan-mikes birthday!
yay my memory served me well for once! so yes in that case i shall try and make a lil book for him!

send any messages to me by pm or email :)

Aleksa's Laydee 06-01-2005 08:03 PM

Re: jan-mikes birthday!
aaww 6 days before mine...damn i should have given him a card :mad:

if hes at queens quallies i will :D

Éowyn 06-01-2005 10:39 PM

Re: jan-mikes birthday!
he is at queens qualies!

Aleksa's Laydee 06-02-2005 11:20 AM

Re: jan-mikes birthday!
ooh how do ya there a list?

Fee 06-02-2005 10:14 PM

Re: jan-mikes birthday!
He's decided not to go (I just found out). Keep the stuff and give them to him at W.

Éowyn 06-02-2005 10:17 PM

Re: jan-mikes birthday!
lmao i saw that on the site! two less people to take pictures of now it's getting easier :)

Fee 06-02-2005 10:29 PM

Re: jan-mikes birthday!
on mine? I just updated it less than two minutes ago! I can't believe the damn thing is still up. IT WON'T DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:

Éowyn 06-02-2005 10:38 PM

Re: jan-mikes birthday!
it's a sign it's telling you it deserves to live!

Fee 06-02-2005 10:44 PM

Re: jan-mikes birthday!
It does deserve to live, but there are these other issues, see, and those need to be taken care of, see, and, well....

Éowyn 06-03-2005 12:48 AM

Re: jan-mikes birthday!
well i shall do my best to help youwith those issues! if the silly man decides to play at any tournaments :rolleyes:

Fee 06-03-2005 01:56 AM

Re: jan-mikes birthday!
Liverpool and Roehampton (which will hopefully lead to the AELTC...). Hunt him down woman! :lol:

Aleksa's Laydee 06-03-2005 03:45 PM

Re: jan-mikes birthday!
whys he not playing :scratch:

Happy Birthday Jan Mike :hug:

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