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RogiFan88 05-16-2005 09:47 PM

Juanqui News and Articles 2005
Youngsters lose out as politicians duck issue
By Kate Hoey
(Filed: 16/05/2005)

Harry Heyburn is 11 years old and lives in Holywood, County Down, Northern Ireland. Along with his twin sister, Emily, he took up tennis when he was seven, and they both developed well enough to be selected for Ulster under-10 regional development squads.

Harry is now the best under-12 player in Ulster and in the top two in Ireland, and is determined to win Wimbledon one day. Yet despite the fact that he is as British as Tim Henman, he is unable to benefit from any help or support from the sport's governing body in Britain, the Lawn Tennis Association.

That is because the International Tennis Federation recognise Tennis Ireland, the governing body for the Republic of Ireland, as the organisation representing Northern Ireland, even though it is part of the United Kingdom.

So even though Harry aspires to play for his country (the UK), he is not allowed to do so, having no choice but to be part of the Irish tennis set-up.

In 2003 Harry competed in his first major tournaments and won everything he entered. His family paid for him to spend three weeks that summer at the prestigious Juan Carlos Ferrero Tennis Academy in Spain, where he even played with the man himself. He also travelled to Belgium with his coach, Ben Macs, the rackets manager of the David Lloyd club in Belfast, to compete in two tournaments. He won one and was runner-up in the other, being beaten by the then Belgian under-10 champion.

Harry's father, Peter, works hard and each year, like everyone else in the United Kingdom, dutifully pays his taxes to the Chancellor, Gordon Brown. He buys the occasional Lottery ticket, knowing that some of the profit goes back to helping British sport and to the Sports Council of Northern Ireland. The family are like any other average British family, wanting to do their best for their children and prepared to sacrifice things to help them achieve their sporting potential.

At the moment, the SCNI help to fund the Ulster branch of Tennis Ireland with money which has come in the main directly from British taxpayers or Lottery ticket sales.

Peter Heyburn wrote in April to the Northern Ireland minister with responsibility for sport, Angela Smith, pointing out how his son was unable to benefit from the support package which the LTA offered to other British children of a similar grade.

He said he was not convinced that the present arrangement for tennis in Northern Ireland was in the best interests of players there and asked for an independent study to determine whether tennis clubs in Northern Ireland should remain under Tennis Ireland or be able to realign themselves to the LTA.

The minister chose not to reply but a response came from the Permanent Secretary of the department, Aideen McGinley, who stated that "any decision by the governing body of tennis in Northern Ireland to affiliate on an all-island basis as opposed to a UK basis is entirely a decision for that body and its members".

But that is not accurate. The LTA will not allow the many clubs in Northern Ireland who wish to affiliate to do so, as they say that since 1951 Northern Ireland has been the responsibility of Tennis Ireland. Even if Tennis Ireland agreed that the clubs could affiliate to the LTA as well, the SCNI have a rule stating that they will recognise only one governing body per sport.

The LTA say that if Harry wants to be a British tennis player, then he should move to England and join an affiliated club there. They have allowed him to pay to become an individual member, but will not include him in their development squads as they say he is "Irish".

This farce must end. Why should a family have to uproot themselves from their home just so their son can play for his country and be supported in his tennis development by LTA resources?

Harry's father said: "I am not privy to the allocation of funding and resources by the SCNI. I am simply a concerned parent who sees his talented child not benefiting from the same level of support afforded to children of a similar ability in England."

How many more talented youngsters in Northern Ireland are losing out because of a reluctance of politicians to rock the boat? Recently a special tennis talent competition sponsored by Ariel turned down dozens of children from Northern Ireland who applied to attend because, a spokesman said: "In lawn tennis terms, Ireland is one country."

But as one devastated mum said: "We are part of the United Kingdom - how dare they say that my child can't aspire to be a British champion."

If a child from Northern Ireland were denied the chance to be part of a Republic of Ireland team, nationalist politicians would be shouting from the rooftops about discrimination and human rights. It is time that the rights of those who choose to play their sport under a British flag, rather than the Irish one, are protected.

We must not allow sports politics to prevent Harry from being treated as an equal citizen of the United Kingdom.

Mount Goddess 05-17-2005 06:51 PM

Re: Juanqui News and Articles 2005
God that is so typical of this stupid bloody country that I am more often then not ashamed to call my homeland. :mad: :mad:
Why not give this poor boy a chance? But God forbid that he maybe able to bring abit of pride to the place.
This place is to bothered by what the rest of the World thinks of it and doesn't want to upset and offend people so it makes it these stupid laws and rules as it goes along.
Denpending on the situation and how the people in power will benefit best from it is how they decide if we are Great (sorry but I don't see it as Great at all!) Britain or the UK.
Sorry to go on like that but the way this country is run just drives me mad :mad: :mad:

Plus the boy has played with sexy Juan Carlos. What other reason do we need to let him play for us!!! :lol: :lol:

RogiFan88 05-18-2005 01:01 AM

Re: Juanqui News and Articles 2005

Originally Posted by leigh
Plus the boy has played with sexy Juan Carlos. What other reason do we need to let him play for us!!! :lol: :lol:


Lalitha 05-18-2005 04:07 PM

Re: Juanqui News and Articles 2005

Originally Posted by leigh
Sorry to go on like that but the way this country is run just drives me mad :mad: :mad:

What if he is a football player instead of a tennis player - will the situation be still the same?? :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Mount Goddess 05-18-2005 06:56 PM

Re: Juanqui News and Articles 2005
Oh no, if he was a footballer he could play for who he wanted! :rolleyes:
Like if he was from England but could prove his great great great grandmother was from Wales then he could go and play for Wales. The Irish national football teams used to have loads of English players play for them cos their great grandparents were from Ireland. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

RogiFan88 05-19-2005 02:38 AM

Re: Juanqui News and Articles 2005
This is not about Ferrero, but he is mentioned by Gaudio... ;)

Gaudio determined to keep French title
Thu May 19, 2005 2:01 AM BST
By Pritha Sarkar

DUESSELDORF, Germany, May 19 (Reuters) - Guillermo Vilas put Argentina on the tennis map when he held aloft the French Open trophy in 1977.

The South American nation had to wait another 27 years before another Argentine, Gaston Gaudio, won the most coveted prize in claycourt tennis.

Having got a taste of the heady heights of victory, Gaudio is in no mood to relinquish the title he won so unexpectedly last June in the French capital.

"This year I have to defend the title so it's going to be a little bit tough," Gaudio told Reuters at the World Team Cup on Tuesday ahead of the season's second grand slam, which begins next Monday.

"But I also feel more confident than before and I trust my abilities more than I did before.

"I feel better than last year as I have more confidence and believe that because I won it last year, I can do it this year too."

Gaudio's success at long last allowed Argentina to grab the 'kings of claycourt' crown away from their Spanish rivals.

While Albert Costa and Juan Carlos Ferrero walked away with the Roland Garros titles in 2002 and 2003, a flock of young Argentines had been threatening to snap the Spanish stranglehold in Paris.

An all-Argentine final between Gaudio and title favourite Guillermo Coria provided the breakthrough last year and the country's army of baseliners are determined to preserve their territory.

Along with Guillermo Canas, the country now has three top-10 players.


Twelve months ago, Gaudio was ranked 44th in the world and caught his challengers unaware, especially since he had failed to get his hand on any silverware for two years.

He wielded his racket to devastating effect on the slow red clay to claim the scalps of former world number one Lleyton Hewitt and compatriot David Nalbandian before bringing a cramping Coria to his knees in a tense, five-set final.

A year later, the unassuming Buenos Aires resident will arrive in the French capital as the number one player in South America and with a reputation to protect.

"I'm a little more nervous than last year because I didn't go there as one of the favourites," said world number six Gaudio, who has already won three claycourt tournaments this season.

"But there are 128 players who want to win it so it's going to be tough."

None will be a bigger threat than Spanish teenager Rafael Nadal.

Already a winner of five titles on the slow surface this year, the 18-year-old has been on a one-man mission to restore Spain's claycourt supremacy.

By winning an epic five-and-a-quarter-hour Rome Masters final against Coria earlier this month, Nadal not only proved his ability to last the distance in a five-set tussle but also placed himself as the front runner for the French slam.

"Everybody is worried about Nadal as he's definitely one of the favourites and he's playing great tennis," said Gaudio.

Having lost two Masters series finals to Nadal over the past month, Coria might have been bemoaning his luck.


Instead, he drew inspiration from his experience in Italy and is determined to make amends for his spectacular meltdown against Gaudio in last year's Paris showdown.

"The final in Rome gave me a lot of confidence. Even though I lost, I played some great tennis. It was a key match," said Coria, who underwent shoulder surgery last August.

"I was out of the game for three months. I did a lot of physical work and the tournament was very important for me to see how I was physically.

"Playing long matches really helps with your frame of mind. Now my aim in Paris is simple -- to win."

Nadal's success has taken its toll on his playing left hand. A painful blister on his forefinger prevented him from competing in last week's Hamburg Masters, giving his rivals a glimmer of hope for the French.

Ferrero is well versed in how injury can take its toll, especially since his 2004 season was ruined by illness and wrist problems. The gifted baseliner is determined that he will not turn out to be a one-slam wonder.

The former world number one is now ranked 34th and even if most pundits are not prepared to give him a chance of winning the title on June 5, Gaudio warned: "There are a lot of guys who can win the title but I think Ferrero is coming back again." :yeah:

Ferrero agreed: "I'm playing good, I'm really good physically and I'm going to the balls really well. I am fast on the court right now and I feel I can win against anybody."

Corinna 05-19-2005 08:00 AM

Re: Juanqui News and Articles 2005
gaston :yeah:

Ferrero Forever 05-19-2005 08:53 AM

Re: Juanqui News and Articles 2005
I love the "Ferrero is well versed in how injury can take its toll, especially since his 2004 season was ruined by illness and wrist problems. The gifted baseliner is determined that he will not turn out to be a one-slam wonder." Nice article there

Lalitha 05-19-2005 03:48 PM

Re: Juanqui News and Articles 2005
Gaudio :smooch:

carole 05-20-2005 05:31 PM

Re: Juanqui News and Articles 2005
"gifted baseliner" hehe ;)

Pink Panther 05-20-2005 06:21 PM

Re: Juanqui News and Articles 2005

Originally Posted by Juanqui Lover
I love the ... Nice article there

Anything praising Ferrero will be considered 'nice' :lol:

Thx for the articles RogiFan. I like how you hang out it here a lot despite being a Roger-fan. :cool:

RogiFan88 05-24-2005 12:48 AM

Re: Juanqui News and Articles 2005
This is sort of news...can anyone tell me why Juanqui is no longer playing Halle? I saw his name and photo on the site a few weeks ago, but it no longer appears there. :(

RogiFan88 05-24-2005 01:32 AM

Re: Juanqui News and Articles 2005
Publicado el Lunes 23 de mayo de 2005 a las 16:21 horas
Ferrero: 'Siempre que no se llega a las rondas finales se siente un poco de decepción'

Redacción / EP
El valenciano Juan Carlos Ferrero vuelve a mirar con ambición de cara al futuro, la semifinal disputada en Montecarlo y la final del Godó han situado su nombre entre los candidatos a luchar por el título en Roland Garros, torneo que ya conquistó en 2003 y donde debutará mañana ante Karol Beck.

"Siempre que no se llega a las rondas finales, uno no puede estar satisfecho del todo", afirma un ambicioso Ferrero que trata de olvidar un 2004 en donde los resultados y la fortuna le dieron la espalda.

El de Onteniente figura ya en el puesto 33 en una Lista de Entradas donde llegó a descender hasta el puesto 98 en la presente campaña. Un lugar que le permite partir entre los cabezas de serie en Roland Garros. Sin embargo, el reto de luchar por el título reconoce no será fácil.

"Ahora estoy jugando bien, pero en un torneo como éste se necesitan grandes dosis de suerte, porque se encaran siete partidos de gran dificultad", subrayó.

En cuanto a sus pronósticos en la presente edición apuntó: "Nadal ha demostrado estar en plena forma, pero Federer está impresionante y será complicado de batir. Safin y Agassi pueden ser también jugadores muy peligrosos sobre esta superficie".

"Es un torneo para especialistas, sobre una tierra batida de calidad y con los mejores jugadores. Con estas condiciones, siempre apetece jugar bien y luchar por todo", finalizó el valenciano.

Haute 05-24-2005 02:22 AM

Re: Juanqui News and Articles 2005
Thanks for the article. :) I knew I've taken 5 years of Spanish for a reason. ;)

I♥PsY@Mus!c 05-24-2005 05:21 AM

Re: Juanqui News and Articles 2005
Thanks for the news! :yeah:

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