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Finns4 04-12-2005 04:44 PM

Heres the write up i did last Sunday nite on my site

Bulldogs V Roosters

After the Roosters rubbish performance today, as i expected, this game will be very much a pressure cooker for both teams. Its at Telstra stadium , so the bulldogs have the slight edge. Both teams will need to turn it up. Ill wait till the week to make a suggested tip, i see the Handicap being +2.5 to the roosters, I do believe it will be a grand final repeat with the dogs winning.

Cowboys Wests Tigers

Well Wests are the giant killers, great defence, great running within the ruck and SCOTT PRINCE! man is he playing amazing football. Cowboys met the great defence of the Sharks and got flogged (Sharks at home will be a major force this year imo). Basically Cowboys will fire up and will give it to West Tigers, look for the line to be +4.5 -+ 6.5. Imo it will be the Cowboys will win this one by +6.

Dragons Broncos

Great wins from Both teams this weekend. This game is a very tough call. Brisbance played awesome football, but come on Parra played the worst half of football i've ever seen. Depending what they Give the Dragons at home, ill be putting my money on St George, but only small. Around +5.5 start for Dragons

Knights V NZ Warriors

Well Knights are just down right awful. This will be the Knights first game at home this year and i expect them to lift. However ill wait to mid week for break downs. Expecting Knights +6.5

Rabbitohs V Panthers

Souths are Penriths voodoo team. +10.5 is way to generous for Souths vs Penrith. So depending on the line i think souths can cause my panthers problems. Expecting +10.5

Sea Eagles V Raiders

Expecting Raiders +2.5

Storm Eels

Storm bounce back hard after losses, Parra got thumped today, However i think Parra can cause the biggest upset this season when they play down in Melbourne expect stupid lines of like +14.5 and +16.5

The lines thus far i have found are

Bulldogs Vs Roosters Pick (dogs favourite)

Cowboys Vs Tigers +6.5 as expected

Dragons Vs Broncos Pick (Brisbane favourite)

Knights Vs Warriors +2.5 I cant beileve this line, pouding Warriors

Souths Vs Penrith -6 This looks great

Manly Vs Canberra +4.5 Man Raiders are really winning me cash, they can easily beat manly imo.

Storm Vs Eels +12 Very dead on line here, can go either way, i expect the line 2 move 2 +14.5 then ill take it

I am going to hammer the crap out of -6 Penrith(Its my team) +2.5 Warriors, Cowboys ML and Bulldogs ML. Ill break down the games around friday

spooky105 04-15-2005 02:55 AM

Re: NRL 15TH-17TH
Put the house on doggies to beat rooster by 13+, 3.30, I need this one and hope it pays off.

bad gambler 04-15-2005 04:32 AM

Re: NRL 15TH-17TH

Originally Posted by spooky105
Put the house on doggies to beat rooster by 13+, 3.30, I need this one and hope it pays off.


shit spooky, you must be pretty confident, but i'm with ya, doggies will bounce back. Not going to be as "Gung-Ho" as you however and just playing the -3.5 cover

good luck

bad gambler 04-15-2005 04:34 AM

Re: NRL 15TH-17TH
finns I too like the look of the penny panthers at -6, that line looks bloody think - time to pound one feels

Finns4 04-15-2005 10:06 AM

Re: NRL 15TH-17TH
[b]Game Break downs

Dogs V Roosters just started

Took dogs @ 1.70 ml

Penrith VS Souths

As mentioned Souths are Penriths Voodoo team just as Tigers are 2 Dogs.

Penirth are missing thier 2 key fowards in Puletua & Galuvao which will be a problem towards the end. Penriths starting line up if much better than Souths but its the bench im concerned about. Ive seen all the Panthers bench play, but rigon and logan from Souths are very good metre gainers. Penrith will have the advantage thru the backs, with all players in good form. Penriths is 0 from 3 @ Aussie stadium since last year, with one loss Vs Souths by 30-6. Priddis will be key to getting my panthers over the line, souths have rubbish defence within the ruck and you dont want Priddis to take advantages of that.
Penrith -4.5 this should drop to -4 or -3.5 then ill jump on it. Its up to the backs in this one and a big game from Pritchard. Also taking Penrith by 1-12 also puttin wagers on Lewis and Rooney to score more tries than thier opposite numbers.

Cowboys Vs Tigers

I was going to hammer the Cowboys ML like no tomorrow, because imo they were gonna turn around thier loss to the Sharkies & rip up the Tigers. Sorry But it aint gonna happen! Cowboys have 5 starters out, major ones being Ty Williams and Hannay. Hannay is always crucial in a good Cowboys victory because of his boot, But with no Hannay the 100% kicking of Hodgson gives the tigers an advangtage.
Taking the Giant killing Tigers +7.5 Cowboys could still win but +7.5 is to hard 2 pass by

Melbourne Vs Parra

Im going for the biggest upset of the season with Parra ML
$4.50 & +14.5 but it will rise to 16 imo

sparkus8 04-15-2005 11:50 AM

Re: NRL 15TH-17TH
Hey Finns what is the reasoning behind the Parra pick??

IMO they have done nothing to suggest they will win this game outright and if they play like they have recently they will be pushing shit up hill to keep this game close.

I like the Panthers pick though and will be riding that one with you :)

bad gambler 04-15-2005 12:37 PM

Re: NRL 15TH-17TH
parra beat the storm last year in melbourne, but it would be a brave man to bet against the storm at home

sparkus8 04-15-2005 03:20 PM

Re: NRL 15TH-17TH

Originally Posted by bad gambler
parra beat the storm last year in melbourne, but it would be a brave man to bet against the storm at home

Not quite BG, Parra lost 22-16 in Melbourne last year and got hammered at home 36-16.

bad gambler 04-15-2005 10:49 PM

Re: NRL 15TH-17TH
oh for some reason i thought eels got the cash last year in melbourne, my bad

Finns4 04-16-2005 03:13 AM

Re: NRL 15TH-17TH
To be honest with you, i looked at the line up and its pritty even, if both teams are on the ball. Major units are going on +16 with one small unit on ml. Its more a gut feeling than anything.

sparkus8 04-16-2005 03:19 AM

Re: NRL 15TH-17TH
Fair enough mate. I must admit I am a little bias when it comes to Parra because every one of my mates goes for the Eels, so I take quite alot of pleasure in seeing them get hammered.

Hopefully Parra lose tonight, but they cover the spread so we both go away happy :)

Anyways, go the Panthers tonight - that's were my money is at!

Finns4 04-16-2005 03:24 AM

Re: NRL 15TH-17TH
yeh i havent put my cash on Penrith yet, waiting to see if the lines drops to -4 or -3.5. Im going to the game so it should b good

bad gambler 04-16-2005 04:34 AM

Re: NRL 15TH-17TH
Finns, I've got word that priddis is doubtful today with the flu and gower hasn't trained all week as he too has had the flu

I was on penny panthers at the spread but now not too confident

Finns4 04-16-2005 05:33 AM

Re: NRL 15TH-17TH
Bg I havent heard that about Priddis and Gower. I know Priddis played with the flu last week and he still had a stellar game. Priddis can handle sickness and same with craig very tough players. However i am waiting for the line to drop. I have already wagered 3 units on Penrith by 1-12 and 2units on Rooney and Lewis. Waiting for the line to Drop...

Finns4 04-16-2005 10:11 AM

Re: NRL 15TH-17TH
Penrith deliver for me

Tigers gettin Smashed :S

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