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CoolyBri 08-18-2013 09:24 PM

Suicide Tennis - Winston Salem
Suicide Tennis - Winston Salem

1. Each day of play you must pick 1 winner playing an ATP main draw singles match. Of course, the player that you choose is playing one match scheduled to be played that day (as seen on the order of play).

2. Once you pick someone, you cannot choose them again for the rest of the tournament. So, you don't want to waste your pick on Federer or Nadal to win in early round matches.

3. You must choose one player to win each day. If you forget, are sick, or are unable to reach a computer, it will be treated as a wrong pick, and you will be out of the tournament. You have to submit your own pick, no one else can submit your pick for you.

4. Only in the case of a walkover or a withdrawal of your main pick, each player is allowed to have a back-up pick, selected at the same time as their initial pick. That back-up pick will only be used in the occurrence of a walkover or withdrawal, as stated above. Retirements do count as completed matches.

Replacement picks must be identified like this:
Back-Up Pick - Andy Roddick
Make it clear and try to do it all in one post!

5. No commitments are necessary! If you wish to participate, just post your Day 1 pick in the correct time. New players are ALWAYS welcome!

6. Once the order of play is released, it will be added IN THIS THREAD, right below, to facilitate your choices. Each day, this post will be updated with its respective order of play.

NOTE: You can't pick a player from a match scheduled for the previous day and postponed for the next due to rain or darkness! Choose only from the matches posted in the OOP here for the concrete day!

7. Picks will be acceptable until before the start of the FIRST match each day.

8. The scoring system will be as follows:

Losing Pick on Day 1: 1
Losing Pick on Day 2: 5
Losing Pick on Day 3: 20
Losing Pick on Day 4: 45
Losing Pick on Day 5: 90
Losing Pick on Day 6: 150
Winning the title: 250

9. This thread is not made to complain about format, points, etc. There's Suicide Suggestions Thread created for that. :)

If the board goes down as it has happened before, send your picks on my e-mail:

CoolyBri 08-18-2013 09:24 PM

Re: Suicide Tennis - Winston Salem
Winners (250 points)


Player        Day 1    Day 2    Day 3    Day 4    Day 5    Day 6 
coolfish1103  Bautista  Bogomolo  Tursunov  Dolgopol  Monfils  Melzer
digor          Bautista  Robredo  Tursunov  Dolgopol  Monfils  Melzer
Eddy DoubleD  Johnson  Bogomolo  Verdasco  Dolgopol  Monfils  Melzer

CoolyBri 08-18-2013 09:25 PM

Re: Suicide Tennis - Winston Salem

Out on Day 6 (150 points):

Djalma        Bautista  Tursunov  Querrey  Dolgopol  Monfils  -------
Frank Winkler  Querrey  Monfils  Verdasco  Dolgopol  Melzer    -------
JackM          Bautista  Monaco    Tursunov  Dolgopol  Melzer    Monfils
P.R.          Bautista  Tursunov  Querrey  Melzer    Monfils  -------
Sapeod        Bautista  Melzer    Tursunov  Dolgopol  Monfils  -------

Out on Day 5 (90 points):

Adder A216    Bautista  Bogomolo  Tursunov  Dolgopol  Querrey
flynn25        Blake    Monfils  Berankis  Dolgopol  Querrey
Kamui010      Bautista  Monfils  Verdasco  Dolgopol  Querrey
lolada_4      Bautista  Monfils  Tursunov  Dolgopol  Querrey
Matthew2408    Bautista  Monfils  Tursunov  Dolgopol  Querrey
nickelS        Bautista  Robredo  Tursunov  Dolgopol  Querrey
Nixer          Bautista  Bogomolo  Lu        Querrey  Dolgopol
Raffaella      Bautista  Bogomolo  Tursunov  Dolgopol  Querrey

Out on Day 4 (45 points):

*Jean*        Bautista  Dolgopol  Querrey  Tursunov
abollo        Bautista  Dolgopol  Querrey  Tursunov
Magdalena Ry  Querrey  Dolgopol  Monfils  Tursunov
Marto          Bautista  Bogomolo  Tursunov  --------
ostm89        Bautista  Berankis  Tursunov  --------

Out on Day 3 (20 points):

Austrianfreak  Goffin    Bogomolo  Bautista
Björki        Blake    Bogomolo  Bautista
br.w          Blake    Monaco    Paire 
Cava          Bautista  Dolgopol  Paire 
Chris 84      Bautista  Bogomolo  Paire 
cswab22        Blake    Monaco    Johnson
Dupuis2006    Bautista  Dolgopol  --------
Frederik      Blake    Monfils  Johnson
hallso        Bautista  Bogomolo  Paire 
Hidalgo        Lu        Robredo  Bautista
KittyTennis    Blake    Bogomolo  Bautista
Nix da        Querrey  Monfils  Johnson
RHB1993        Bautista  Dolgopol  Paire
RoddickFan.    Blake    Monfils  Bautista
rvugt          Bautista  Bogomolo  Paire 
Snowwy        Bautista  Monaco    Paire 
Sweetspot      Querrey  Monfils  Bautista
tripler        Gimeno-T  Tursunov  Bautista
Tulipe        Bautista  Verdasco  Monaco

Out on Day 2 (5 points):

Antoshka      Bautista  --------
bry17may      Bautista  --------

Out on Day 1 (1 point):

156mphserve    Istomin
abyssII        Istomin
afterglows    Kubot 
alex_k        Mayer 
Cheeky Chick  Istomin 
CoolyBri      Roger-Va
Elmo Jr        Istomin
ESimp          Istomin
Fickelgruber  Istomin
Hellcat        Istomin
igmIGM        Istomin
J99            Istomin
kondrashov    Roger-Va
Litotes        Istomin
nolesfan2011  Kubot 
purtov45      Istomin
Rafael Reis    Fish   
RNW            Nielsen
ronim1        Istomin
tenniscreep    Istomin
VamosRafaNadal Istomin
VamsiRohit    Istomin
Zenjo          Istomin

CoolyBri 08-18-2013 09:25 PM

Re: Suicide Tennis - Winston Salem

Day 5
Survivors: 8/16
Picked Players: Querrey (7), Monfils (6), Melzer (2), Dolgopolov (1)

Day 4
Survivors: 16/21
Picked Players: Dolgopolov (14), Tursunov (3), Melzer (1), Querrey (1), no pick (2)

Day 3
Survivors: 21/40
Picked Players: Tursunov (11), Bautista Agut (7), Paire (7), Querrey (4), Johnson (3), Verdasco (3), Berankis (1), Lu (1), Monaco (1), Monfils (1), no pick (1)

Day 2
Survivors: 40/42
Picked Players: Bogomolov jr (12), Monfils (9), Dolgopolov (6), Monaco (4), Robredo (3), Tursunov (3), Berankis (1), Melzer (1), Verdasco (1), no pick (2)

Day 1
Survivors: 42/65
Picked Players: Bautista Agut (27), Istomin (16), Blake (7), Querrey (4), Kubot (2), Roger-Vasselin (2), Fish (1), Gimeno-Traver (1), Goffin (1), Johnson (1), Lu (1), Mayer (1), Nielsen (1)

CoolyBri 08-18-2013 09:26 PM

Re: Suicide Tennis - Winston Salem
Order of Play

Day 5
Play is scheduled to start at 3:00 PM / 9 PM CEST
Gael Monfils - Alexandr Dolgopolov
Sam Querrey - Jürgen Melzer

Day 4
Play is scheduled to start at 12:00 noon / 6 PM CEST
Alexandr Dolgopolov - Yen-Hsun Lu
Fernando Verdasco - Gael Monfils
Dmitry Tursunov - Jürgen Melzer
Ricardas Berankis - Sam Querrey

Day 3
Play is scheduled to start at 12:00 noon / 6 PM CEST
Jarkko Nieminen - Sam Querrey
Fernando Verdasco - Robin Haase
Juan Monaco - Alexandr Dolgopolov
Gael Monfils - Tommy Robredo
Ricardas Berankis - Roberto Bautista Agut
Jürgen Melzer - Baoit Paire
Yen-Hsun Lu - Steve Johnson
Alex Bogomolov jr - Dmitry Tursunov

Day 2
Play is scheduled to start at 12:00 noon / 6 PM CEST
Fernando Verdasco - Tim Smyczek
Steve Johnson - Andreas Seppi
Gael Monfils - Guido Pella
Guillaume Rufin - Tommy Robredo
Juan Monaco - Nicolas Mahut
James Blake - Benoit Paire
Daniel Gimeno-Traver - Alexandr Dolgopolov
Denis Kudla - Ricardas Berankis
Roberto Bautista Agut - Martin Klizan
Jürgen Melzer - Thiemo de Bakker
Joao Sousa - Alex Bogomolov jr
David Goffin - Dmitry Tursunov

Day 1
Play is scheduled to start at 12:00 noon / 6 PM CEST
David Goffin - Jack Sock
Bobby Reynolds - Steve Johnson
Leonardo Mayer - Guido Pella
Ricardas Berankis - Kenny de Schepper
Rhyne Williams - James Blake
Nicolas Mahut - Lukasz Kubot
Guillaume Rufin - Denis Istomin
Daniel Gimeno-Traver - Edouard Roger-Vasselin
Jarkko Nieminen - Mardy Fish
Michael Russell - Tim Smyczek
Frederik Nielsen - Roberto Bautista Agut
Thiemo de Bakker - Igor Sijsling
Pablo Andujar - Yen-Hsun Lu
Guillermo Garcia-Lopez - Sam Querrey
Robin Haase - Lukas Rosol

CoolyBri 08-18-2013 09:27 PM

Re: Suicide Tennis - Winston Salem
Play will start on Monday.
Good luck! :)

hallso 08-18-2013 09:42 PM

Re: Suicide Tennis - Winston Salem
Day 1 Bautista-Agut (Istomin)

JackM 08-18-2013 10:08 PM

Re: Suicide Tennis - Winston Salem
Day 1: Bautista-Agut
BU: Istomin

Zenjo 08-18-2013 10:33 PM

Re: Suicide Tennis - Winston Salem
Day 1: Istomin
BU: Bautista Agut

Matthew2408 08-18-2013 10:37 PM

Re: Suicide Tennis - Winston Salem
Day 1: Bautistsa Agut
BU: Istomin

alex_k 08-18-2013 10:47 PM

Re: Suicide Tennis - Winston Salem
Day 1: L. Mayer
BU: Blake

RNW 08-18-2013 10:48 PM

Re: Suicide Tennis - Winston Salem
Day 1: Nielsen

VamosRafaNadal 08-18-2013 11:19 PM

Re: Suicide Tennis - Winston Salem
Day 1

Pick: Istomin
BU: Blake

flynn25 08-18-2013 11:20 PM

Re: Suicide Tennis - Winston Salem
Day 1: Blake
BU: Istomin

Frederik 08-18-2013 11:47 PM

Re: Suicide Tennis - Winston Salem
Day 1

Pick: Blake
BU: Istomin

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