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Raven 07-17-2002 09:20 AM

Now We Are All Even!

Will The Boiled Egg and per4ever be the two to catch again?


syd17 07-17-2002 09:20 AM

lets hope not Iva :)

per4ever 07-17-2002 09:21 AM

I doubt it :rolleyes:

per4ever 07-17-2002 09:22 AM


Originally posted by syd17
lets hope not Iva :)
*cough* I hope you have nothing against per4ever or TBE :fiery:

syd17 07-17-2002 09:23 AM



Raven 07-17-2002 09:25 AM

K I have more posts than you now :p

TheBoiledEgg 07-17-2002 09:37 AM

you bet :p

Goonergal 07-17-2002 10:01 AM

Wow I didn't see that Per was here already! :eek: Howdy K! :)

syd17 07-17-2002 10:02 AM

can some1 pls sign my word association thread coz it looks so lonely, lol.

Nimi 07-17-2002 10:06 AM

dont worry, in WTAworld i broke my single day posting, it now stands on 200 on last saturday :o

TheBoiledEgg 07-17-2002 10:08 AM

we were even :p

Nimi 07-17-2002 10:09 AM

damn :p

per4ever 07-17-2002 10:09 AM

howdy Cilla :D

TBE will be number one at this board ;)

Nimi 07-17-2002 10:16 AM

you will let him? just like that?!? this is sooooo Williams sisters like :p

per4ever 07-17-2002 10:20 AM

lmao Niminator!!!!!!

I'm not interested in the number one position at ;)

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