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khyber 01-15-2005 07:03 PM

Gonzo and entertaining tennis
Last night my husband asked me who I most enjoyed watching play tennis. So I thought for a minute and said:

Roger because he has such a beautiful game, but it can be boring if he is just in the zone and killing the opponent.

Lleyton because he is so scrappy and will try to run anything down. Nothing is assumed to be unplayable, like Chang.

Justine because she also has a beautiful game and makes interesting choices.

Then I thought I had finished, when suddenly Gonzo popped into my head. I tried to explain that he just had this crazy ,go for it, insane approach to playing that was so much fun to watch. I was with him all the way in Miami.

So GO GONZO ..... balls to the wall :worship: , baby!!!!

cobalt60 01-15-2005 07:47 PM

Re: Gonzo and entertaining tennis
LOL! I love his game for its' do or die mentality! You just gotta love him! And he syas he prefers it that way and that he will not change. That's for better and worse.

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