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Nina 10-06-2002 09:42 PM

Sunday Final Matches Report
Wow it was such a great day today, I'm still smiling :). Everyone I supported won :)

Women's Final L. Davenport vs M. Maleeva
I arrived when Lindsay was up 2*-1, and the first thing I saw was Miroslava Vavrinec, Roger Federer (they kissed a few times btw :hearts: :angel:) MAx Mirniy sitting in front of me. It was not hard to guess they were cheering for Magdalena. So was I, even though I really like Lindsay, I thought Maggie really deserved to win the tournament.

Back to tennis- both players held their serves until 5-4 when MAggie broke, she then lost the game on her own serve after being 40-0 up, Lindsay held to win the set 7-5, Lindsay wasn't playing badly but you could see she was loosing the advantage she had, plus she wasn't running very well, didn't run to the balls that she thought were far away from her :rolleyes:

In the second set Maggie broke at 3-2 if I'm not mistaken, she then took her own service game to love, Lindsay held her serve and then Maggie won the set , Lindsay was making many errors and wasn't returning well. At one point in the set, one man couldn't take his seat and the players waited for him as he was walking around so Maggie threw a ball at him, he sat immediately :)

The third set Magie broke at 1-1 and then Lindsay immediately broke back, by that time she was hitting the ball very well and was running fast too. Bothn players then held their serves , though Maggie had a few opportunities to break but every time Lindsay served an ace. Lindsay's serving was very good today but she had a lot of footfaults. A couple of times Maggie returned the ball with her left hand :eek: I didn't know she did that.

Maggie won the tie-break 7-4, she raised her hands in the air and it looked as if she was going to cry. She then shook hands with Roger, Max and Mirka :)

At the ceremony Lindsay congratulated Maggie and said that it wsa the first time in Moscow and she really hoped to come back next year :)
Maggie thanked the crowd and said that she was really happy to win (she said it in Russian, not perfectly but well enough for everyone to understand), she said that Lindsay was the player she always admired both on and off the court. And thanked everyone who came to support her :D

Luzhkov (the Moscow major) also made a speech finishing it with "Womens tennis nowadays is MUCH more interesting than mens" :D

Lindsayfan 10-06-2002 09:45 PM

Nina,was Lindsay very sad?pls be honest!from her words u think she's going to retire this year as many ppl on wtaworld say?!
thanks for report! :)

Nina 10-06-2002 09:58 PM

Men's final
Paul-Henry Mathieu vs Sjeng Schalken
PAul- Henry had a not very good start, he got broken in the first game, probably because he was nervous and couldn't break back the whole set, Sjeng won it 6-4. He was playing to Paul-Henry's backhand a lot from which he made quite a few errors.
Paul-Henry started the second set as Sjeng started the first- he broke his opponents serve, he then ran to his chair with a Come On :D That was not the only break of serve in that set, MAthieu won it 6-2. By that time he was really pumped and very lucky, Sjeng didn't know what to do with him, he was running down almost everything. The backhand that didn't work switched on and he hit some unbelievable winners down the line. Sjeng tried going to the net but the passing shots were too good. The third set was like the ending of the second- absolutely no chance for Schalken- Paul- Henry's game was too powerful and everything (even most of the crowd)was on his side. He took it 6-0 quickly. He then ran to his coach who congratulated him :)

At the ceremony Sjeng congratulated Mathieu on a great win and said that he was just too good in the second and third sets. He added that next year hopefully he will go further.
Paul-Henry was speaking French. He said that he was really happy that his first tournament win happened in Moscow, he really liked it here and next year he will come back nad will try to defend his title. He also thanked his coach

Nina 10-06-2002 10:01 PM

I didn't think she was very sad, of course she couldn't be happy because she lost , she seemed very unhappy with her game though, even after she won a point she was getting mad at herself. I don't think/believe she will to retire soon, well I hope she won't

Lindsayfan 10-06-2002 10:03 PM

Lindsay is very fair-play,u know she is always gracious in the defeat as in the victory.i'm glad to see she wasnt too much upset,cos during match she looked bored and mad at her game.glad to hear she will come back in Moscow,i thought she didnt like this tourney! :p
thanks a lot Nina! :)

Scotso 10-06-2002 10:07 PM

Thanks Nina :kiss:

Nina 10-06-2002 10:36 PM

Womens doubles Final N. Petrova/ J. Dokic vs E. Dementieva/ J. Husarova

This was one of the most exciting matches of the tournament without a doubt :) Husarova rules :)

In the first set Jelena/Nadia were much stronger, Lena D wasn't playing at the net at all, she was making a bunch of unforced errors, Janette wasn't bright either, their opponents were too powerful and precise.
In the second set Elena/Janette broke Petrova's serve in the first game, Lena held and they had breakpoints on Dokic's serve but couldn't take them. They won the set eventually 6-3. WOW Husarova is fantastic, she's so clever, she sees the court perfectly well and is really quick at the net. Lena D didn't play badly either, there was one point where both Dokic and Petrova were hitting really hard at her when she was at the net, she got them all back and they won that point. Janette also threw great lobs at the right time :)
The third set was just amazing :) Nadia and Jelena broke and Nadia was serving at 5-4, Janette was making many errros during the previous games, she probably lost her focus a bit. E/J had a few bp at one of them Nadia served an ace, Lena D wasn't happy with that linesman decision. Then N/J had a matchpont that was saved and E/J won that game. Then both teams held and it went on to a tie-break, it was really close with some really long rallies and a few accidential volley winners at the end of them.Then it was time for Jelena (watched by her boyf btw) and Nadia to save matchpoints and so they did. But in the end J and E won it 9-7 I was soooo happy :D

I think a larger part of the crowd was rooting for Elena and JAnette but there were also a lot of Nadia and Jelena supporters. There was some guy near me who during the whole match was only looking at Jelena in a huge binocular (is there such a word in English?) and when someone screamed "Dementiva " he shouted back "Shut up" and continued looking. Freak

At the ceremony Nadia thanked all the supporters, Jelena and her mom,. her parents. She started talking in Russian, then the guy translated what she said into English, and Nadia continued talking in English, she was laughing for a while about it :o Then Jelena wanted to say something but the announcer said "and now it's time to hear what our winners have to say" and Jelena was standing there confused. She then also started laughing
Elena D said: "Janette serves so well all the time, plays amazing shots at the net, hits fantastic drop shots but when she has to say something in Russia she gets to shy, so lets give her support because she she speaks very well", Janette then made a little speach thanking all the sponsors, Elena, the crowd etc, she spoke Russian :)

Nina 10-06-2002 10:47 PM

Mens Doubles Final R. Federer (:D)/ M. Mirniy vs J. Eagle/ S. Stolle
There isn't much to say about the match. R/M broke in the first game and never gave the Aussies a chance to break back, they won it 6-4. In the second set Max lost his service game but then they fought back and tied, it went to a tie-break that Max and Roger won to love :o Both Max and Roger played very well both at the net and the baseline :D

Almost everyone was cheering for Roger and Max (I had my Swiss t-shirt that I used as a flag with me too), there was a little boy who was dancing and jumping (it was really funny), he was screaming "Roger and Max- a friendly team" and "Cmon Roger and Max win, it's time for me to go to bed " :D

I was sitting really close to the players box and when the players were posing for photographs, their families and friends were leaving. I said "Miroslava!" she turned to me and I showed her my Switzerland t-shirt-flag and asked her if she could sign it for me, she came up. I asked her when she would start playing again. She answered : "Maybe I'll try next year" I wished her good luck, She thanked me :D :) what a nice lady, this was the first time I ever asked a player an autograph btw

What a great end to a great tournament for me :)

Static 10-06-2002 11:17 PM

Wow what a fun day you had :)
Thnx for the reports Nina :D

TennisHack 10-06-2002 11:53 PM

Thanks for you match reports, for today and the whole week. It sounds like you had a lot of fun, so thanks for sharing it with us :)

TheBoiledEgg 10-07-2002 04:11 AM

thanx Nina for the great report :)
seems like u had an awesome week :)

now tennis is over for another year :sad:

Doris Loeffel 10-07-2002 10:06 AM

Nina you're great!!
Merci, Thanks, Spaciba, Danke,

Loved your reports very much to bad I have to wait an other year for them.

Mrs. B 10-07-2002 10:35 AM

Well done, Nina!

When they showed footages of those pretty Russian girls i was wondering which one you were, there was even one with a video cam, i thought perhaps it was you? ;)

Where did your get your red tshirt from?

Nina 10-07-2002 11:25 AM

my dad got it for me in Switzerland, he goes there quite often because he works for a Swiss company :)

Nina 10-07-2002 11:27 AM

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