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2003 01-29-2013 10:10 AM

What % of weekend warrior runners/cyclists and other sports people do you think dope?
What I mean by weekend warriors is respectible athletes in their 20's to 40's or so, guys who aren't even really age grade national champions, but somewhere in the front 3rd of the pack.

The guys who run maybe 2 hours 45 for a marathon. The guys who don't get paid and still work a full time job, might have a family, cycle to and from work each day, race 5-6 races a year. Bodybuilders who lift casually and don't compete. Bouncers/doormen.

In other words, any athlete who is respectible and might pick up the odd age group placing here or there, but doesn't get paid, has to pay own entry/travel fees for their events, and isn't good enough to ever have to take a drugs test in the first place?

You might think this is a crazy question, the main reason people do sports is for health reasons, why on earth would they take such a risk. But the fact is they do, in regular gym circles many people are taking steroids. Guys with no show of competing. Just guys who want a good body to pick up chicks and lay on the beach.

Cycling from top down is or has been a pretty dirty sport, much like bodybuilding, so you would have to think lots of road cyclists are doping. Even ones that just ride casually. Newbie gains are great in any sport, however when u plateau in a sport you sometimes are desperate to get to that next stage. It is a strong urge once you reach a natural potential. Also peer pressure to keep up with your mates too.

What do you guys think? Could or are many of the guys and girls we know down the street, the dads who play soccer in the social leagues, the guys who bike to and from work, be doping?

This thread is only for amature athletes. No talk of professional athletes doping except to make a comparison to top to bottom doping cycle like Bodybuilding or cycling etc.

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