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scoobs 01-27-2013 07:19 PM

Futures Forum Conduct
I have received reports from members unhappy with the way things are happening in this forum, and I have also had conversations with the forum moderator.

I wish to make the following points:-

1) MissChaChaCha is not a machine - posts asking her where this thread is or that main draw is or these results are, and why they are not posted yet, are NOT welcome. She does these things of her own free will and in her own time, when she has time. She does not need people placing demands on her like this or disrespecting her efforts.

2) Abuse of the moderators on this site is not acceptable. Whatever your grievance, personal abuse will result in sanctions.

3) I have made the point once again that posts should not be deleted unless they break forum rules. Posts of scores/results should not be deleted even if they are duplicate after the thread's main posts are updated - they should be left alone.

4) This is an open forum - posters are entitled to start their own threads and if nobody has yet done so, there is nothing stopping a poster from creating a new thread for an upcoming tournament. This isn't a one man show. If people want to help with starting and maintaining the tournament threads, then this can only be a good thing.

I would like any further concerns reported to me by PM please until this situation returns to normal. You all need to find ways to coexist - please start all thinking about how you can contribute to this.

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