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lendllendl 11-06-2012 01:12 AM

This 2 minute stretching routine could extend your tennis career.

You can prevent a big injury with this quick routine...even if you're in a hurry. Importantly, these stretches are dynamic (ie, "stretching while moving") and far safer than the old school "touch your tows" static stretches.

1. Light jog. Sideline to sideline. Gets your heart rate up and your blood flowing.
2. "Crab" steps (groin). Shuffling, sideways steps from sideline to sideline. Light effort.
3. "Frankensteins" (hamstrings). One width of the court. With your arms held straightoutward, lightly swing your legs upward toward your palms.
4. "Arm circles" (arms). Tight circular arm motions. Clockwise and counter-clockwise.
5. "Windmills" (rotator cuff). Larger circular arm circles with your dominant arm. Clockwise and counter-clockwise.
6. "But kickers" (quadriceps). Sideline to sideline. Light effort.

This can be done on or off the court in a parking lot or even the lobby of your tennis club! Although injuries are unavoidable in a stop/start sport played on concrete, a consistent pre-tennis routine can help to postpone an injury or lessen its severity when it arrives.

Quoted from the latest article posted to the VolleyCam blog:

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