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NID 09-28-2012 09:36 PM

On tennis balls
Can't see a general thread about this pinned, but I reckon this is a topic that deserves some input from the players.
Which balls do you use? How do you rate them? What are their pros and cons? What do you reccomend?
I play almost exclusively on clay (indoors and outdoors).
Wilson Club Tour have been a standard choice - soft enough, get killed pretty quickly and the felt just evaporates.
Head ATP - feel great while playing, durable, maintain their visibility, but my wrist always tingles after a session. Am I imagining things? How does it differ from ATP Silver?
Slazenger Championship - generic ball
Has anyone tried Wilson Davis Cup?
While ITF 'approves' many balls, it is impossible to find any hard data on how much they weigh/how hard they are...

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