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Pamela Shriver 09-29-2002 10:20 PM

Pam's People
ATPworld needs more Pam. wta site was where I could preach the Pam's Religion and without that the word cannot be spread.

Come and join me.....

Luna_Angel_84 09-29-2002 10:21 PM

Oh go on Pam, show us the Pamfro! :drool:

>>vamos_tommy<< 09-29-2002 10:22 PM

I pledge allegiance to the holy Pamster


Snuffkin 09-29-2002 10:22 PM

PAM! I love you.

Teach me the ways of Pam...I must be healed.

Princess Fiona 09-29-2002 10:23 PM

Yoooohoooooo!!! :D :wavey:

Pamela Shriver 09-29-2002 10:28 PM

My wonderful fans! Bestill your beating hearts and listen to Saint Pamster!

Repeat after me:

The PamFro is the best hairstyle ever....
Pam carried Martina Navratilova in their dubs partnership....
Pam is the finest Pammentator in the land...
Chris Evert Suckz (literally, so I've heard -its enough to make a giraffe blush) ....
Giraffes are wonderful creatures that must be protected....

Pamela Shriver 09-29-2002 10:28 PM

Oh and before I forget:


Snuffkin 09-29-2002 10:35 PM

Pam...I love you

Pamela Shriver 09-29-2002 10:45 PM


Pam...I love you
Yeah baby, I love me too....

Where are the other Pam-Fans?? The legions of them?? Are they lost in the black cyber hole between the worlds of WTA and ATP??

Snuffkin 09-29-2002 10:53 PM

Well, one won't register, one is eating, 2 are in bed, and that's just I have no idea about the others.

I'm here though!

Pamela Shriver 09-29-2002 10:58 PM


I'm here though!
Yes! Thankfully! And I can count myself as a fan?? So thats two. Great, doubles my record number of fans....

Sing along with me: "Ms Pam-e-la-ee...."

Snuffkin 09-29-2002 11:02 PM

Pam...any chance of me getting a poster of you from somehwere? I've searched high (very high) and low, but to no avail

Pamela Shriver 09-29-2002 11:06 PM

Look even higher!

Well my dear friend and fan, I did once come across posters of my good self being put up for sale on Ebay. And they were Pamfro pics too. Awesome stuff. As well as an autographed baseball. I expect it was you who bought it all??

Snuffkin 09-29-2002 11:09 PM

erm...yes, of course it was me. Who else? I am a fan of yours.

Pamela Shriver 09-29-2002 11:12 PM

Who else? Well I wondered where my mom got all those posters from...

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