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Trollin Stone 08-10-2012 05:43 PM

Your ideal Olympic Games
Didnt find any similar thread. Simple question : what sports would you like to see / should be at the Olympic Games (summer/winter)?

It could be brand new one (surfing, downhill biking, beach soccer etc) or discontinued sports (baseball, polo etc). Maybe I'll add a poll later.

Also what current Olympic sports should be kicked out of the Olympics?

For me the new sports are surfing, downhill mountain biking, motorsport (car & motorbike racing on a circuit), speed climbing & polo.
In winter sled-dog racing but there would be problem with snow I think.
I would kick out men's football because there is no point for such a globalised sport here IMO. Make a new FIFA U23 WC and end this travesty. Still very few top players are playing here.
And change dressage for polo. More entertaining sport for casual fans, I think.

rocketassist 08-10-2012 05:49 PM

Re: Your ideal Olympic Games
Beach footy, rugby sevens (which is coming in), cricket and squash.

Vinceremo 08-10-2012 05:53 PM

Re: Your ideal Olympic Games
^ Agree with Rugby sevens for sure.


Trollin Stone 08-10-2012 05:57 PM

Re: Your ideal Olympic Games
Yep, squash and some martial arts for me too.

Echoes 08-10-2012 07:23 PM

Re: Your ideal Olympic Games
My ideal Olympics are strictly amateur, for starter. Just like before 1984. More particularly for the two sports I'm interested in: Cycling & tennis.

And in my opinion there are more sports that need out than in. IOC was right to scrap baseball and softball. I'm OK for rugby though. Cricket, why not but lacks universality. Squash, why not.

* Aquatics
o Diving (8)
o Swimming (34) : Freestyle: 50, 100, 200, [same contenders as 50m] 400, 800 (women), and 1,500 (men); all relays [favours greater nations]. OK for the other events.
o Synchronized swimming (2)
o Water polo (2)
* Archery (4)
* Athletics (47): 200m [same contenders as 100m], Decathlon [impossible to compare a good long jump to a good 1500m], all relays [as mentioned above] [generally speaking, too many track & field events, and swimming events]
* Badminton (5): Mixed doubles [ladies & gentlemen's doubles are enough]
* Basketball (2)
* Boxing (13)

* Canoeing
o Sprint (12): Men's K-4 1000 m, Women's K-4 500 m[favours greater nations]
o Slalom (4)
* Cycling
o BMX (2) for kids
o Mountain biking (2): I don't have anything against cross country mtb (I hate downhills though) but I'd prefer high gear cyclocrossing but perhaps that's belgocentric and it lacks universality.
o Road (4)
o Track (10): Keirin (same contenders as sprint), team pursuit & team sprint (same as athletic and swimming relays. Omniums (same as Decathlon) What's that joke like no more individual pursuit !!!!!!!!!!!! The QUEEN of the track cycling events !!! So Individual pursuit back with a whole tournament (unlike at the Worlds) with 5 rounds and 5km instead of 4, like in the good ole days !!!! :eek:

Also 1km back.

* Equestrian
o Dressage (2)
o Eventing (2)
o Jumping (2)

* Fencing (10)
* Field hockey (2)
* Football (2): I hate kick-ball-with-your-feet but think it might have a place here.
* Gymnastics
o Artistic (14)
o Rhythmic (2)
o Trampoline (2): a joke
* Handball (2): same as football
* Judo (14)
* Modern pentathlon (2): the sport that doesn't mean anything. A Coubertin shit.
* Rowing (14): Quadruple Sculls, Lightweight Four, Eight (same as the relays mentioned above)
* Sailing (10)

* Shooting (15)
* Table tennis (4)
* Taekwondo (8)
* Tennis (5): Mixed doubles [ladies & gentlemen's doubles are enough]
* Triathlon (2)
* Volleyball
o Volleyball (2)
o Beach volleyball (2): It's the Olympics, right? Not Baywatch !
* Weightlifting (15): tempted to say, scrap female events. :D
* Wrestling
o Freestyle (11)
o Greco-Roman (7)

No time to consider winter sports ...

Trollin Stone 08-10-2012 07:33 PM

Re: Your ideal Olympic Games
I have been speculating about only-amateurs rule too. World Championships for every sport are there. No need to have 1 more 'World Championships'. It would be more interesting I think than the current situation where there are 2 almost identical WCs different only in limited number of sportsmen from one country at the Olympics.

Blue Heart24 08-10-2012 11:27 PM

Re: Your ideal Olympic Games
Darts should be introduced.

Deathless Mortal 08-11-2012 12:05 AM

Re: Your ideal Olympic Games
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Originally Posted by Blue Heart24 (Post 12313373)
Darts should be introduced.

Chess as well.
Poker would be fun too.

Mjau! 08-11-2012 01:25 AM

Re: Your ideal Olympic Games
Remove Greek-Roman wrestling. A ridiculous sport in which NOTHING happens until one wrestler gets called down on all four (which seems to be an advantage so it's kind of a lottery if it goes to a 3rd period). They just stand around and lean on each other when on their feet. Such a bore! :zzz:

Leg-grab wrestling is stupid too, but only because of the rules. You can win one round and draw the other and have the match called a tie and go to extra-time, even though you out-scored your opponent! :stupid: If you challenge a call and it's rejected, your opponent is awarded an additional point. :facepalm:

Kolya 08-11-2012 01:39 AM

Re: Your ideal Olympic Games
Squash should definitely be included. The squash federation has being trying for many years to instated.

I feel squash as a whole would definitely epitomise the Olympic spirit more than golf or tennis.

Swimming has too many events...

LeChuck 08-11-2012 04:20 AM

Re: Your ideal Olympic Games
Yes, not that this will happen, but I wouldn't mind at all if tennis was removed from the olympic programme and replaced by squash instead. Really it meets all the criteria to be an olympic sport. Global, unisex sports in which the olympic gold medal would be the pinnacle achievement, like squash, should be given first preference.

I think that the main objection that the IOC have with the sport is that viewers cannot see the ball as it is so small and moves so fast. However with modern day high definition TV cameras, that shouldn't be much of an issue nowadays.

tripwires 08-11-2012 06:42 AM

Re: Your ideal Olympic Games

Originally Posted by Kolya (Post 12313735)
Squash should definitely be included. The squash federation has being trying for many years to instated.

I feel squash as a whole would definitely epitomise the Olympic spirit more than golf or tennis.

Why is that? Not referring to the golf part (I agree), but why does squash epitomise the Olympic spirit more than tennis?

I'd get rid of beach volleyball for sure. It's a joke that beach volleyball is an Olympic event but not squash. I don't understand why squash isn't included but the other racquet sports are; it's every bit as watchable as badminton and table tennis, and arguably more watchable than tennis because it's much faster.

I'm also not a fan of the team events in table tennis - this sport takes up too much of my TV time. :mad:

Basketball is pretty weak as well. If the Olympics are supposed to be one of the most important events in sport, then I expect the quality of the matches to be top-notch. Watching the first quarter of Spain vs Russia last night, a semi-final match, made me wonder why I wasted my time watching that shit when the NBA championship is held every year and the quality of the matches is so much better.

The Prince 08-11-2012 06:46 AM

Re: Your ideal Olympic Games
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Beach volleyball should definitely be an Olympic sport. In fact, it should get more coverage.

Purple Rainbow 08-11-2012 10:53 AM

Re: Your ideal Olympic Games
Olympics should get rid of the football tournament. Replace it with futsal and/or beach football.

There are way too many aquatic events. Who needs 8 diving events? 4 will do.
Also, 32 swimming events? Just stick to the freestyle, I want to see the fastest swimmers compete.

Qualification for gymnastics should be changed. It benefits the 'big' gymnastic nations and it's very difficult for a specialist from a small country to qualify for the Olympics.

I don't really have a problem with most sports. I won't watch synchronized swimming, but it's nice that many sports have a big tournament once every 4 years.

Some sports just have to be added to the Olympics, though:

-Rugby (an 8 country field would work, a knockout tournament starting at the quarterfinals)

And bring back baseball and several track cycling events (points race and madison)!

Also, I once heard a suggestion that indoor sports should be removed to the winter olympics. I kind of like this idea. The Summer Olympics have enough events as it is, and it will generate some much needed extra buzz for the Winter Olympics if handball, basketball and volleyball (possibly futsal) are added to the Winter Olympics.

Johnny Groove 08-11-2012 10:56 AM

Re: Your ideal Olympic Games
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Olympic drinking :drink:

I mean, there is already Major League Eating.

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