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Raiden 07-12-2012 11:41 AM

Why is MTF giving more and more power to trolls?
This important thread was closed with no explanation (presumably cuz a couple of trolls did their usual shitty comments and disgusting images on it). But why close it? Why not ban the assholes instead of treating every thread as if it's a nuisance that's better left shut? Is that really a punishment? Are the trolls thwarted? NO, they are in fact encouraged!

This is irresponsible way of moderating. This is the worng way of dealing with trolls. cuz now trolls can only be encouraged to ruin good/important threads and thwart civil discussions. If mods want improvements (they give the impression they do - like when they wanted to know the other day whether gifs should be banned or not) I suggest that particular attention should be paid for certain kind of threads versus other kinds: some threads are sillier and trivial by their very nature (like those that revolve around who is your favorite bla bla bla) those may better be closed if the discussion on them turned sour.

But on the other hand there are other threads that are relatively more important and more worthy of keeping open - usually these are threads that are about topical subjects and events. In those instances closing them is not the better option but rather removing the rotten apples (doesn't matter who or how many of them are removed - as long as the main objective of discouraging and dis-empowering trolls and restoring civilized discussion is achieved).

What you mods say?

Snowwy 07-12-2012 01:58 PM

Re: Why is MTF giving more and more power to trolls?
It has been re-opened.

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