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Crowdmaker 05-17-2012 09:22 AM

Forum Quality
Bordeaux challenger's seems to be showing some unusuall spin-offs!
To be more precise Filo V. bashing by certain forum posters are getting way out of hand!
Every forum has a very few people willing to spend a lot of their time and translate their
passion into writing and sharing with the rest of the World.
I don't have a clue who Filo V is and certainly I don't share a lot of his views but you can't
deny a fact that he is providing some usefull info and keeps some sections of forum alive.

If you think I am talking unresanble stuff, let me tell you few other facts;
Just a few days ago "Punter's lounge" had banned permanently a poster called I'm loving it
This guy is better than all posters toghether overthere.Moderators are simply a joke when
finding reasons why is he banned, then again the question is who is the owner site in a 1st place.

Bettingadvice had been bashing every decent poster in a last few Years.Result?
Tennis section is a dead.Even some great moderatos like Latso and GH don't post there for ages.

Ok, I should stop now.What I am trying to say is; this is by far BEST tennis forum on entire planet.If we don't tolerate each other's opinions and especially people who are passionate about tennis, this place will become ordinary like any other so called tennis web-site on the net.


scoobs 05-30-2012 01:38 PM

Re: Forum Quality
Action is already being taken about the points raised although we have no posted called I'm loving it recently banned so far as I can tell.

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