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Federer in 2 04-29-2012 11:23 AM

Matches to look forward to in 2012

Matches to look forward to in 2012


I've decided to list a couple of possible match-ups that we have never seen before. Should any of those match-ups come true, and we will be witnessing some very exciting hours of Tennis.

Roger Federer - Rafael Nadal [US Open]
This is the only Grand Slam that doesn't have a chapter in he greatest Tennis rivalry of all time. Yet. This match is highly anticipated by fans all around the world, and maybe we will finally get to watch a clash between the two this year, despite the presence of Novak Djokovic. Roger and Rafa met twice in Australia, also on hard court, and Nadal was the winner both times. The courts at Flushing Meadows are faster, and the ball bounces lower that in Melbourne, so this should give Federer a slight advantage. The Spaniard's single triumph in New York is not quite as impressive as Federer's 5 consecutive titles, but unlike the Swiss Nadal has made it at least to the final in the last two years.

Result prediction : Federer 3-2.

Andy Murray - Juan Martin Del Potro [Roland Garros]
This match is not as shiny as the previous one, but might be just as dramatic. After Delpo's decent fight against Djokovic in Paris last year, I think he has an excellent chance of upsetting the world number four, should they meet on clay. Andy is definitely more consistent then Delpo, but besides having powerful shots from both wings, Del Potro is mentally stronger than Murray by quite a margin and this could make the difference.

Result prediction : Del Potro 3-1.

Rafael Nadal - John Isner [US Open]
Those two met in the first round of last year's French Open, and that was quite a meeting, wasn't it? Nadal survived this match after thrilling 5 sets, and went on to win the title. A lot can happen in this match, and despite the fact that Isner's amazing serve would probably be more effective in Wimbledon, I think the fast hard courts would give Isner more chance to win some rallies and maybe put some pressure on Nadal's serve. At the end of the day I'd still put my money on Nadal, but if Isner is in the right state of mind this match could go a very long way.

Result prediction : Nadal 3-0.

Roger Federer - Novak Djokovic [Wimbledon]
Never met on grass, despite the fact that they were in the same half in the last two years (Fed didn't make it...Oh well). I have a feeling that this match-up might be more one-sided than it seems, because I don't think Djokovic has the right technique to outplay Federer on the low bouncing grass. It would be a great match though, and I'm sure that regardless of the final score the highlights video of this match would get whole bunch of views on YouTube.

Result prediction : Federer 3-0.

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