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Nymeria 10-26-2004 02:32 PM

Guide to the Guille-forum || Join the MTF El Mago fanlist! (ATM: 78 fans)
Hey all welcome to the Guillermo-forum :wavey:

It is great to see more and more fans in this forum and we hope you will all enjoy the visit and keep returning.

In this thread people can introduce theirself to the other Guillermo-fans and visitors of this forum. We can all write a few lines about us, just that everybody knows who is posting here as well.

In this post we'll keep a list with names and nicks in the first post. Just as a little guide to this forum. As soon as a new member is in this forum, please remember me that I've to add you to the list by posting a post in this forum, I can add the name to the first post of this thread.

So enjoy your time aboard!!!

The Guillermo-fans


Nick                = real name          = country
A (6)
adee-gee        = Adam       
Alita                = Alita          = China
Ania_flor        = Ania                  = Argentina
Anna777        = Anna                  = Australia
Ataptc                = Evelyn          = Singapore
ATennisFan        = ???

B (4)
Banauna        = Auna                  = USA
Bil                = Ruth                  = USA
bouncer        = vivien          = Australia

C (9)
~*Carlita*~        = Sjoukje        = the Netherlands
Chiudi-fan        = Yvo                  = the Netherlands
cleo1986        = Kim                = Belgium
cohka                = Kasia          = Poland
Coria_fan        = Dimitur        = Bulgaria
Coriaelmago        = hatija          = france
coriafans        = Pam                  = Thailand
Corinna        = Corinna        = Germany
Curlywurly        = ???

D (3)
daze11                = stavo                = united states
Deco                = Zwaan          = the Netherlands
Deea                = Andreea

E (3)
ECC                = Elf                = China
Estefania_coriafan = Estefania  = Chile
Esther                = Esther        = Australia

F (6)
Fabolous        = fabian        = Germany
Fedeze14_gc        = Federico        = Argentina
Feichti        = Christiane        = Austria
foul_dwimmerlaik = Tanya        = Russia (living in Belarus)
Founy                = Claire        = France
Foxy                = Stefan        = Bulgaria

G (6)
Gaston                = Rafael        = Switzerland
gigi51                = Jean-Baptiste        = France
Guille_ElMago        = Ralph        = USA
Guille's Girl        = Saara
Guille&Tati4life = Paul          = Scotland
gusman890        = gus       

H (2)
Hidellized        = Victoria        = Canada
hsv91                = Luke                = Germany

I (2)
icy55                = ???
iliktennis        = Luc                = Australia

J (3)
JCF_passione        = Simone        = Netherlands
Joyk                = Dana                = Romania
Julio1974        = Julio        = Buenos Aires

K (2)
Kai_soad        = Kaiane        = Argentina (now living in USA)
Kandykane        = Ren (Yumi)        = P. R. China

L (2)
lucho_coria        = Luciano        = argentine

M (6
Mae                                = USA
Melina                = Melina        = Argentina
Micca                = Mieke          = The Netherlands
MiLoU_tAn        = milou        = philippines
Mordicus        = Marie        = France
ms_raikkonen        = Jenni       

N (3)
Nathaliia        = ???
napki                = Kay                = US
Nefcoire        = Petra        = Hungary

O (0)

P (7)
Pancakesong        = Anna                = the Netherlands
Patcoriafan        = ???
PaulieM        = Mooya        = Zambia (living in US)
Pearl                = Pearl          = China
PinkFeatherBoa        = Jenny        = UK
psichogaucho        = Santiago, aka Andy = Mar del Plata (Guillermo I hometown  ) Argentina
Purple_star        = ivy                  = philippines

Q (2)
qldtxd                = Lee Chen        = Vietnam
QuiqueFCO        = Enrique          = Buenos Aires, Argentina

R (3)
RaDiCaLgIrL♥TR        = ???
Robby                = ???
Rubsch                = ???                = Germany

S (4)
sol_heathen_1982 = Silvia          = Argentina
Sommarsverige        = Birte        = Germany
star                = Christina
Suomi                = Jessica        = France

T (2)
Tereb_tc        = Tere                = Argentina
Truc                = Françoise          = Germany

U (0)

V (2)
victoria_maraude = victoria        = Argentina
virm_coria        = virginia        = Argentina

W (3)
Washa Koroleva        = Olga          = Germany
Wenty                = Nikhil        = Australia
Willie                = Tomas        = Argentina

X (0)



alita 10-26-2004 02:42 PM

Re: Guide to the Guille-forum
Here I am ;)

Alita = Alita =21 = China

Nymeria 10-26-2004 02:47 PM

Re: Guide to the Guille-forum
ok I got you in the list ;) I should do it in alphabetic order, that would be easier.
Btw. to introducte myself a bit more.

So I am Yvonne from Holland. 19 years (20 in January) and a Guille-fan since the beginning of the clay season in 2003. I'm obsessed with lord of the rings (that explains my nick) and I'm online almost all the time :p
Why I have the Finnish flag while I am from Holland? Finland is my favorite country.

So just all write a few lines about yourself, and I'll add your name, your age and your country to the first post!

alita 10-26-2004 03:09 PM

Re: Guide to the Guille-forum
I have the same thing with you, Legolas :P , I'm also online almost the whole day.

I began to love tennis since I saw Lleyton's match last year, and I was addicted to Guille since last summer, not clay season:D.
Have been playing tennis for one more year, really enjoy it;)
Besides tennis, photography is my favorite too.

Lately I found I really enjoyed Tiesto's music;)

Pancakesong 10-26-2004 03:09 PM

Re: Guide to the Guille-forum
hey, I'm Anna, I'm from the Netherlands too, 14 years old. I'm obsessed of LOTR too:P
I'm a Guille fan since guillermo-verkerk RG 2003.
I think I'll change my country flag in the Portugese one, because I like portugal very much..

fabolous 10-26-2004 03:17 PM

Re: Guide to the Guille-forum
fabolous=fabian=20=germany :cool:

i play tennis since 12 years and so i am a fan of this sport since 12 years. and a guille fan since 2002, when i saw him the first time (can't remember when it was).

alita 10-26-2004 03:31 PM

Re: Guide to the Guille-forum
You've played tennis for eight years?! That's really great!!
I'm just a beginner. But I love it.

Deco 10-26-2004 03:53 PM

Re: Guide to the Guille-forum
Hi everybody!
I'm Zwaan. My nick is Deco because I love that soccer player really much. My favourite tennis player is Carlos Moya. That's why my flag is (going to be, now he's still Dutch) Spanish. I like Spain also because of the sun, the lanscape (I''ve been there twice) en the boys :drool:

I'm the twin siter of anna/pancakesong.
btw I also like Guillermo:P He's my second favourite player, and after him JC ferrero.

Pancakesong 10-26-2004 03:57 PM

Re: Guide to the Guille-forum

Foxy 10-27-2004 08:40 AM

Re: Guide to the Guille-forum
Hi all!
I'm a Coria's fan since the match against Agassi at Roland Garros 2003.
Previosly my favs have been Edberg and then Pistol Pete :worship:
I started playing when i was 9 but only for pleasure. And i'm still playing.
My favourite surface is of course clay. :p

alita 10-27-2004 01:18 PM

Re: Guide to the Guille-forum
:wavey: Stefan!

Foxy 10-27-2004 01:34 PM

Re: Guide to the Guille-forum
I suggest everyone to write his ICQ number or other if he has one.
Mine is 194 008 857.

alita 10-27-2004 01:52 PM

Re: Guide to the Guille-forum
I haven't used ICQ for ages:o
I often use msn
My msn:

Nymeria 10-27-2004 04:12 PM

Re: Guide to the Guille-forum
I did add you on msn alita ;) for those who want to know mine: ............................... Sorry, deleted the e-mail. Can send me pm if you want it :)

Should I add the msnaddresses to the first post as well? :unsure:

alita 10-27-2004 04:58 PM

Re: Guide to the Guille-forum
Oh, you don't need to do that :lol: :lol:
It' a big deal

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