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masterclass 03-18-2012 01:58 PM

Who's Your Daddy?
The Who's Your Daddy player is the player that may get beaten by players in a relatively close match, but then afterwards steps it up and beats that player down convincingly gaining tremendous confidence over that player to help him carry through the rest of the year.

Who is the current overall Who's Your Daddy player? (i.e. not just against one player, but many)

So far, I nominate Mr. Federer. A win over Isner at Indian Wells would help solidify it.
He's won 38 of his last 40 matches. During this streak he got beaten by Nadal in a relatively hard fought matches and has come back to beat Nadal down convincingly. He beat the player, Murray, that soundly beat Djokovic at Dubai. If he beats Isner, he again beats the player that beat Djokovic. He hasn't played Djokovic since the very close and hard fought 2011 US Open where Djokovic saved 2 match points to win. I'm sure he wants to beat him down at a major, maybe at Roland Garros, maybe at Wimbledon. He's beaten down Tsonga and Del Potro.

But if Isner beats Federer, he may have a shot at the Who's Your Daddy title. :)
Mr. Djokovic is still #1, maybe some would argue he still is. Any other contenders?

Please discuss civilly ;).

This thread can be ongoing as the current Who's Your Daddy player changes.
No poll please.


fsoica 03-18-2012 04:16 PM

Re: Who's Your Daddy?
So, as civilly as possible here, on MTF:

0. This post is out of sympathy for what you're trying to do here, on MTF, since the last December.

1. Call all the players Mr. or quite doing it all along.

2. Admit publicly you're a Fedtard. It's obvious already and, btw, that makes you an even more likeable character for me :)

3. Quit the pedantic style. It doesn't suit you. There are a lot of tennis connaisseurs here which are way above the level of expertise usually displayed on MTF. They are usually low profile, but they eat and breath tennis. Not me, don't get me wrong :). I'm just a Fedtard :)

4. Your theory didn't check looking at Fed Rafa rivalry. From time to time Fed is spanking Rafa's behind big time, only to lose again 2-3 times in a row. He never gained tremendous confidence over Rafa to help him carry through the rest of the year after occasionally roasting the pig.

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