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Indo 09-28-2002 09:20 AM

The Davis Cup final ...
Will be played on clay in Paris Bercy :)

I think clay is a good surface for the French players:)

Do you think Santoro will play the singles because he has a good record against Safin ??? ... i don't know :confused:

Tryphon 09-28-2002 09:30 AM

I don't know how many matches Clement has won or lost to Safin but yes I think Santoro playing Safin the Friday is a possibility, with Arnaud replacing him to play Kafelnikov on Sunday.
Grosjean would play the 2 other singles.

The doubles would be either Santoro/Llodra or Santoro/Pioline or maybe Escude/Clement, since they are regular partners on tour. Sontoro/Escude sounds more unlikely but who knows.

But it also depends who is going to be in form, playing the best in practice and if anybody gets injured, the choice will be reduced.

Tryphon 09-28-2002 09:43 AM

Head to head
Clement/Safin: 0/1 (0/0 on clay)
Clement/Kafelnikov: 3/4 (1/0 on clay)

Santoro/Safin: 6/1 :D (1/0 on clay)
Santoro/Kafelnikov: 0/6 :eek: (0/1 on clay)

Grosjean/Safin: 2/4 (1/1 on clay)
Grosjean/kafelnikov: 2/3 (0/1 on clay)

Just in case:
Escude/Safin: 3/1 (0/0 on clay)
Escude/Kafelnikov: 1/5 (1/0 on clay)

And let's not forget that the Russian team also has Youzhny.

Lindsayfan 09-28-2002 11:18 AM

Indo,r u a new member?if so,welcome here! :D

Lindsayfan 09-28-2002 12:57 PM

about final: i would have chosen carpet cos Kafelnikov won RG and Safin played pretty good on clay this year.instead they never played good on carpet.
playing on clay,it means that grosjean and clement will play singles for sure,and maybe santoro will play a single match on sunday-i doubt he'll play on friday cos it would be too tiring for him playing single and double the day after.i dunno who'll be santoro's partner in double since pioline is almost retired and llodra played very bad last week. :rolleyes:

esther 09-29-2002 05:47 AM

hey why did they choose bercy and not Marseilles? coz seb said before that him and arnaud wanted it to be in Marseilles..

Lindsayfan 09-29-2002 07:54 AM

also Guy wanted to play in Marseille cos Marseille is his hometown.but Bercy stadium is biggest,so they chose it.

Indo 09-29-2002 07:57 AM

Yes Lindsay fan, i'm new on this board :) and i'm French ;)

I don't know why they have choosen Paris to play the final...but the reason you mentioned is probably the right one, i think;)
Grosjean was born in Marseille ... it could have been great for him to play there:(

Hello to everybody :D

Lindsayfan 09-29-2002 01:29 PM

hi Indo,nice to meet you!where do u live in France?i went to Paris last week for Davis Cup semifinal.if u want,u can see my pics on thread called "Lindsayfan's DC pictures" :)

Indo 09-29-2002 04:29 PM

Hi Lindsayfan :) Nice to meet you :)
I've seen your pics from the Davis Cup, thanks;)
I live in "Besançon", in the region "Franche Comté" ... where do you live ???


Lindsayfan 09-29-2002 07:20 PM

i live on Mount Everest,Himalaya :D no it's a joke,i live in Sicily,Italy in a town called Catania.i'm a big supporter of french team cos i really like french players,specially ur captain Guy Forget-he used to be my fave player when he was playing,now i like and support some players u can see in my signature.
talk u soon!


Indo 09-30-2002 01:15 PM

Hi Lindsayfan:)

I've been once in Italia:D , i have visited Roma and the aera of Napoli and the Vesuvio ... i have some great memories from there :)

I like Guy Forget too...i don't have a lot of memories of him as a tennis player because i wasn't following tennis at that time...i'm a recent tennis fan (2000);)

The others players i like are Corretja, Ferrero, Blake, Roddick, Kuerten, Ivanisevic, Sampras,Gambill and of course the French players !!!
I've noticed that there isn't a lot of Italian players in the top 100 ... tell me if i'm wrong, perhaps i don't know them ;)

"See" you soon ;) :)

Lindsayfan 09-30-2002 08:21 PM

INDO:unfortunately there arent many italian players in top 100,cos in Italy tennis isnt really loved as in France.people here prefer football and Formula one.we have some good female players,but male we have only Sanguinetti in top 100. :sad:
so you are a very recent fan,i'm a tennis fan since 1991 (when France won Davis Cup ;) ) and like I said Guy was my fave male player,my fave female player is Lindsay Davenport and she'll always be the n.1 in my heart! :hearts: old r u?r u male or female?i'm 23 and i'm real name is Valeria,urs?

sorry guys if we talk about personal things and not about tennis,but since no one except me and Indo writes here,we r talking a bit about ourselves ;)

esther 10-01-2002 04:43 AM

hey u guys! hehe sorry but i think i'm going to butt in..
hi indo! welcome :D would you be able to post nething interviews or news that you hear in french newspapers or tv that other people probably wouldnt arnaud or seb interviews :P for example or you know like Tryphon quoted Tulasne before about how close arnaud and seb were--nething would be greatly appreciated :D thanks

Lindsayfan 10-01-2002 01:48 PM

yes it would be great if Indo can tell us what he hears in france about davis cup,and french players in general! :)

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