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KEA 10-10-2011 12:44 PM

Tennis ball repressurizer
We are 4 production technologists who are trying to develop a product which can restore the bounce in a used tennisball in order to make it last longer. Hopefully this will result in the custumer saving money and in a reduced strain on the environment.

We have found several products on the Internet which claim to be able to do so, however we are unsure whether or not they work.

Does anyone here have hands-on experience with a repressurizer that actually works?

Also we have prepared a small questionnaire in relation to such a repressurizer. We hope very much that you are willing to spend 5 minutes answering this.


Thank you in advance.

Best regards
Antoni, Gorm, Zeljko and Mikkel

sernik 10-10-2011 09:13 PM

Re: Tennis ball repressurizer
Hi guys! Great idea!
I have been playing competitively once a week (only than I'm using new balls-2 cans) for last 7 moths.
I'm using 8 (3 capacity)pressurisers to extend the life of the balls. I'm rotating the containers in such way that each set is stored for 4 weeks, according to the directions on the devices.I'm using sticky notes with dates on each can.After 2 rotations however the felt is usually gone and they start to go "flat" much faster because the structure of the rubber is damage as well.I calculated my total net savings for first year (after deducting the initial cost of the cans) to be $ 50.Next year and there after should be aprox. $ 150
It is cumbersome however to keep track of it.
Speeding up the process could be possible by increasing the pressure in the cans but it will be difficult to calculate the proper amount in order to not overpressurize the balls.In addition each manufacturer uses slightly different materials, thickness and pressure.Gamma balls are filled with hydrogen.Very high pressure will also damage the rubber structure causing the balls to go "flat" much faster or even complete collapse of the balls.
This is my 2 cents.
Good luck, I hope you come up with something more user friendly.I'll be the first to purchase it.

Or may be we all should boycott all of them and play with Tretorns till they make-em last longer?

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