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luishcorreia 07-24-2011 06:26 PM

\+++++ Online Tennis Blog for the Recreational Palyer +++++/
This is my new tennis blog... this time written in English!

My name is Luis, I', 34, and I'm a Computer Engineer living in Portugal, Lisbon. But that is only what I do. Its not what I am.

Among other things I'm an avid tennis fan (playing since 12) and a weekend tennis player (maybe a little more than that). I have a tennis blog written in Portuguese for 3 years now, with a fair amount of visitors each day, but I wanted to branch out and communicate with a broader universe of readers.

Trough my blog I came to share my experiences regarding tennis. This blog will appeal to the recreational and weekend player.

I'll talk about the struggles, the frustrations and the joys of the recreational players regarding this fantastic sport that is tennis.

The blog will have personal opinions regarding a variety of subjects, technical tips, equipment related articles, strategy, mental aspects of tennis, racquet and string reviews, and many others.

I hope you enjoy it!


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