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RogiFan 09-23-2002 02:46 PM

:D :bounce:

Come on, let's support our Spanish guys in HK this week! [and next week in Tokyo]!


Also Vamos, Alex y Nico en los dobles!! VENGA! ANIMO!

Nacho, donde esta? Vive en Espana?? Donde exactamente? Me encanta Espana [y los tenistas espanoles]!!

Layla 09-24-2002 10:56 AM


:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

Nacho 09-24-2002 05:19 PM

Woohoo!! Vamos!! :D :D :D

Aqui estoy Rogifan ;) Vivo en Madrid :)

anabel 09-25-2002 01:50 AM

oe oe oe todos a la fiesta oe oe oe

Layla 09-26-2002 11:38 AM

Juan Carlos, Alex and Carlos all won their first round matches.

:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

Congrats! :kiss:

Leo7 09-26-2002 11:40 AM

:bounce: :bounce: GO SPANIARDS! :bounce: :bounce:

Layla 09-26-2002 12:16 PM

The latest pic:

anabel 09-26-2002 12:34 PM

Alex :hearts: :D

RogiFan 09-26-2002 12:52 PM

:D :) ;)

Alright!! About time! Yes, the Spaniards rule in HK!! Great going, Alex, Juanqui, Carlos... and even Nico [not Spanish but Latino so cool too].

Layla thanks for the Alex pic!! No mal este chico!!


Happy that Marat won also. He's half Spanish anyway -- have you heard his Spanish? It's v. good!!! Yum...

Nacho 09-26-2002 05:41 PM

Hey, don't forget Feliciano! He also won :D

Vera 09-26-2002 07:13 PM

After 3 days of waiting... I'm really happy with the results, just hard to believe it's only the 1st round. Anyway, continue good luck to Juanqui, Carlos, Alex, Marat and Nico.

Really happy that the 3 spaniards got to avenge for their previous lost, hard to believe Alex never beat Chang until now.

Keep going guys!

claudine140 09-27-2002 01:34 PM

corretja lost today, ferrero is in the semifinal and moya must play against clavet for a place in the other semifinal

Vera 09-27-2002 07:15 PM

:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: Vamos Juanqui y Carlos :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

:sad: :sad: :sad: Alex, Marat, Nico :sad: :sad: :sad:

Leo7 09-28-2002 02:25 AM

why no pics of Moya this week? :confused:

Nimi 09-28-2002 10:39 AM

Vamos! Nimi will now join this forum.

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