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scoobs 03-24-2011 09:43 PM

POLICY: Multiple Accounts Accessed from the Same Location
Multiple Accounts

Multiple accounts for the same individual are not permitted on and are grounds (potentially) for a permanent ban from this site.

The sanctions for abuse of the site via multiple accounts are detailed here

If it is discovered that multiple accounts are being used by:
  • the same user, or
  • a user that has access to the accounts of other separate users

in order to cheat, skew, or otherwise impact the various games, contests and other activities which run on the site, the user(s) in question will be permanently banned from MTF.

Separate Users Posting from the Same Location

With regard to separate individuals posting from the same address / household, this is considered on a case by case basis and allowed only with the express prior permission of a super moderator or administrator.

Individual posters currently posting from the same address as other posters that have not already been granted permission already are advised to contact a super moderator or administrator via private message as soon as possible.

Otherwise, they risk their accounts being terminated.

Moderators will seek to determine the situation when it is clear that more than one person is posting from the same location, contacting the users concerned via PM. If no adequate response is received, moderators will terminate one or all accounts concerned without warning.

Who Should I Contact If I'm Not Sure?

Contact an administrator or super moderator

A list of super moderators and administrators can be found here:

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