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.-Federers_Mate-. 02-07-2011 12:34 PM

I .-Federers_Mate-., one of the biggest JWT fans on this site am losing my faith
I don’t support losers, I support winners. I first became a HUGE JWT fan at the 2008 AO when he took me and many other fans on a thrilling ride crushing Rafa Nadal in 3 scintillating sets. Jo showed some AMAZING potential. Massive off both wings, big serve and natural flair around the net .He is GREAT to watch. Full of charisma and energy and always has the crowd on the palm of his hand. JO was the future of tennis and future slam champion for sure.

HOWEVER. He started to lose and lose and lose and lose some more. As a result I started to dislike him more. Injury plagued his amazing potential and he lost to a handful of pathetic players like De Bakker. He is no longer considered a dark horse by many and is falling far too short in slams and other various events. It’s like he doesn’t care anymore. I was at the AO live as usual and watched all 3 of his matches on MCA and excluding round one where he was outplayed by a vastly inferior player he had no fight no balls and just played downright awful. I view this as a growing trend. He is a DISGRACE to his fans. Never acknowledges them (never signs or takes pictures) and seems to be VERY arrogant and obnoxious, I could go on…

So one of my favorite players is turning into a loser before my very eyes. I’m losing faith.

Will Jo ever deliver on that HUGE potential. Will he ever curb his lack of self-awareness?

Baghdatis#1 02-10-2011 02:22 AM

Re: I .-Federers_Mate-., one of the biggest JWT fans on this site am losing my faith
If you were a real fan, you'd cheer for him no matter what ;)

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