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Tryphon 09-20-2002 12:07 PM

DC pictures

katiebug 02-02-2003 05:52 PM

I have a lot of pictures from the DC Tie in Paris too. Here's the link:

ahh, good times.

Lindsayfan 02-05-2003 12:59 PM

u were there?i was there too :eek:

katiebug 02-06-2003 12:19 AM

COOL Lindsayfan..i was in the section with all of the loud american people lol. even though there were only 300 of us..i could hear our group cheering on the video my mom taped of the matches on tv. i can even hear myself a lot lol because i scream really loud haha. were you near us? if so, i apologize lol! did you see when andy came and sat with us in the stands? that was so sweet of him lol i sat by him like the whole time. lol k write back..thats so neat that someone else was there! haha bye bye!

Lindsayfan 02-06-2003 07:26 PM

my seat was with american supporters cos i bought tickets from USTA!in France it was impossible to find a ticket cos u know there everyone is crazy for Davis Cup so i emailed USTA telling that i was an american supporter and that i needed a ticket!when i arrived in the stadium,i changed my seat and i sat with french supporters! :p
btw i see u r from Houston.that day i met a very nice lady from Houston and we talked a lot..maybe i saw also u but i cant remember!

gorecki 02-25-2003 01:55 PM

no photos of Robby Ginepri?

katiebug 02-25-2003 08:34 PM

Nope, I don't have any pictures of Robby as he wasn't on the team that I saw play in Paris in September. The round in Croatia was his first Davis Cup, and sadly I didn't get to go to that one.

gorecki 03-01-2003 01:58 AM

ah ok!

Still...those were great pics u took in Paris!:) :wavey:

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