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RagingLamb 07-08-2010 11:54 PM

General Messages Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING
All posters should adhere to the forum-wide rules when posting in general messages.

To ensure that everyone is able to participate in the General Messages forum, be sure to adhere to the following set of additional rules that apply specifically to the general messages section:

Rules when posting in GM:

(1) Try to avoid discussions that are unrelated to the main subject of threads. Posts that deviate significantly from the main point of a thread may be removed, or a thread may be closed when it has veered off topic, or is no longer generating any useful discussion.

If a thread you have started seems to have disappeared and does not appear to have been merged in with another that is on a similar topic, it means that your thread has been deemed inappropriate by the moderators and removed. Explanation can be sought from the GM moderators if this causes confusion, but continued attempts to create the same thread after deletion will not be tolerated.

(2) Do not start duplicate threads. This is especially annoying if the identical subject was already brought up by another poster just a few days ago. Use the search function and/or make sure that an identical or very related topic was not started by somebody else by looking at the next pages of the forum. If you would like to bring up an issue again, simply post in the older thread(s).

(3) Make sure the thread you are about to start is worthy of discussion and is related to tennis. The fact that this forum is called "General Messages" does not mean that anything goes here.
(i) Please do not start threads just to get answers about a matter in a short period of time. Have in mind that every separate section of the board has a purpose

(ii) Do not start threads with the sole intention of bashing a player. E.g. "player X is a loser", or "player Y is a choker", or "I hate player Z". Conversely, threads made solely to praise your favorite player (e.g. "I love player X”, “Player Y is the best ever”) are better fit for the player's own forum.

(iii) Refrain from starting threads or derailing existing ones with the sole intention of speculating on a delicate issue involving a particular player unless there is an actual outside source/link to back the story up. That includes doping and match-fixing allegations, as well as gossip about the given player's personal life.

(iv) The following type of threads/discussions go into the respective tournament forums:
  • daily order of play (OOP)
  • TV schedules
  • questions about attending the tournament
  • tournament draws and resulting discussion (with exception of the 4 Grand Slams + Masters)
(v) Threads regarding doubles go in the doubles forum. (except Davis Cup ties)

(vi) Threads that are related to tennis (e.g. players, fans, coaches), but are not about the game itself, belong in the tennis off-topic forum.

Examples: Safin furious at Mats Wilander, Prettiest Girlfriends / wife of players,

(vii) Threads about minor happenings
  • involving a single player (e.g. change of sponsor, off-court action) are not of general interest and belong into the player forums.
  • in general, or just overly repeated topics will be merged and/or deleted up to the discretion of the responsible moderators.

(viii) Personal questions about your and other posters' tenn
is game, or tennis equipment, go in the amateur tennis forum.

(ix) Threads about gambling strategies, betting odds etc. go in the gamblers lounge.

(x) If you have a tennis blog/site and wish to post your articles here to open a discussion, go to the Fan Blogs section.

(xi) Exhibitions are not meant to be taken seriously, so please don't start pre-match polls or post-match result threads here about exhibition matches. You can use the exhibitions forum for more detailed info and discussions.

(xi.1) Hopman Cup is allowed to be discussed in GM, as it is an official ITF event, but make sure match threads are created ONLY for mens' matches and that all mixed match/womens' match talk is focused in the tournament's main thread.

(xii) Threads about women's tennis (WTA) are not permitted on this board, neither is livescoring womens tennis matches on the livescore threaf. If you wish to discuss the WTA, go to our sister site

(xiii) Discussion of live matches is only allowed in the live scores and commentary thread in GM.

(4) Do not create threads
  • about results before the matches are really completed (e.g. "Player A def. Player B 6-4 6-4").
  • about premature discussions of draws until the draw is released.

(5) Do not start threads without substance or without anything worthy to discuss. Examples:
  • "XXXX should retire" (for a young player after losing a random match)
  • "XXXX will win Roland Garros" (for a #200 ranked player)
  • "XXXX and YYYY would make a great couple"
  • threads which are deemed as trolling or baiting attempts, or just to gain attention

If necessary, new rules may be added, and existing rules may be edited. Please be sure to follow these guidelines. Failure to comply with the thread guidelines may result in your thread being modified, closed, or removed. Failure to follow the posting guidelines may result in warnings or infractions. An accumulation of infraction points may result in an automatic temporary ban.

RagingLamb 05-28-2013 03:13 AM

Re: General Messages Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING
Amendment #1:
(6) Only use players' proper names in thread titles. When opening threads, do not refer to a player using a nickname or any name that is not the player's actual name in the title.

Slasher1985 04-07-2014 01:49 PM

Re: General Messages Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING
Amendment #2:
(7) Thread titles of match results or match predictions [WWW] (and their respective polls) should contain only objective details about the match itself. Nicknames (as per amendment 1), subjective details (e.g. trolls past, mugs past, saves the tournament, roasts, servebots, destroys, mark my words, etc.) and other personal opinions are not allowed. Objective details on the match, as long as they fit inside the title (saves MP, 15 y.o.) are allowed.

Slasher1985 11-04-2016 05:56 PM

Re: General Messages Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING
GM Moderation Severity Increase

With the rise of the new The Ruins section (where posters with more than 300 posts can enter), we encourage everyone to take baiting and trolling there and leave GM clean. This means that the following kind of posts will be sanctioned more severely in GM:
- Threads and posts that call on posters when their favorite player loses or provoke others (baiting).
- Threads and posts that add 0 value to a thread by repeating old cliche MTF lingo. (trolling)
- Threads and posts that disrupt the forum only meant to increase post count, annoy or attract attention to the OP (forum disruptions)

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