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Chloe le Bopper 07-18-2002 08:19 AM

So Who is Going?

:D :D :D :D :D



thenman 07-19-2002 04:02 AM

I'm going, just on the Monday though...but I got front row tickets! (for Round 1..hehe) Oh well. I've never watched tennis live before, so it should be neat!
What I'm wondering is, could I use cameras if I turn off the flashlight? The trouble is, I'm going in the evening...
But anyway, yay!! :bounce:

Chloe le Bopper 07-19-2002 07:44 AM

The night sessions are usually pretty worth while.

I would suggest checking out court one as well as center - last year at least court one had the best match at night - Costa and Henman, whereas center court was a one sided Arazi - Hewitt match.

Anyhow you can use the camera if the flash is off. If it isn't they will take it from you.

I'm going wednesday and thursday for second and third round , and can hardly wait :)

manuelanmaggiel 07-19-2002 11:28 AM

Im going Thursday night, whoo-whoo!:D:D:D

Chloe le Bopper 07-19-2002 05:40 PM

I can't wait :)

I hope all my faves win their first round matches this year hehe

Last year I missed out on a few!

Static 07-19-2002 08:18 PM

I guess I'm going, hopefully I'll get to see Qualies and First round :D

Chloe le Bopper 07-20-2002 08:38 AM

I was going to pop by saturday to catch the qualies, but this whole "umemployed" bit is cramping my style;)

thenman 07-23-2002 10:17 PM

Hi, I just have a few questions:
May we use camcorders?
How many courts are there at the York University site, and can we just go to any one and watch?
Thank you
Ooh, I'm so psyched! :bounce:

sandy 07-23-2002 11:52 PM

Me too, me too!!! I'll be going Mon - Fri to all day sessions.

There is a main court and 5 outside courts. If you are going to a night session there will most likely only be matches going on the main court and court 1. If you get there mid-afternoon (I'm not sure when they let night session ticket holders in) all the courts should be busy and you can go to any one of them. Not sure about the camcorder but you may want to check it out with a call to Tennis Canada. It's probably ok but never hurts to check.

Have a terrific time and pray for more of the warm, dry weather we've been having this summer.

Chloe le Bopper 07-24-2002 07:43 AM

thenman - I'm not sure how many courts there are. I do know the montreal venus is bigger, but that is all I know. You can call tennis canada and ask them though.

As for Camcorders, I *think* I some people with them last year, but I'm not sure if you are allowed them on all courts, cause some networkds have rights to certain matches I think.

Another thing you'd have to ask them.

You can take pics till the cows come hom though, as long as you turn off the flash at night.

Sandy - the day session officially ends at 5 does it not? Evening ticket holders can get in after that can't they?
I have tickets for both so I hadn't thought of that.

Doris Loeffel 07-24-2002 10:49 AM

Wish I could go...

hope to see some reports from you guys

have fun!!

Chloe le Bopper 07-24-2002 11:21 AM

There are so many people I want to see :(

I will likely not catch very many full matches - I'll sort of float in and out of courts I guess.

I want to see Ferrero, Blake, Costa, Roger, Corretja, Tommy, Nalbandian, Kafelnikov, Safin, Agassi, Hewitt, Fabrice, and about 50 other players :p

Of course some will lose in round one and I wont see them at all :sad: But not *too* many I hope.

thenman 07-24-2002 07:57 PM

sandy, Rebecca, thanks a lot for the helpful answers; I appreciate it! :)

And I know what you mean by wanting to see SO MANY players! That's why I chose to watch first round, cause they'll hopefully be there...and, also cause I'm a cheapskate....hehe

sandy 07-24-2002 10:57 PM

Hi Rebecca,

The day session ends when the last match on the schedule for the day session ends. I've been to many tournaments where the play is interrupted (ususally by rain) and the day matches go past the time of the scheduled "marquee match" of the evening session. Which is a bonus for night session ticket holders. If things go too long they sometimes hold matches over until the next day. But I think you are right, they admit night session goers after 5pm.

Hey, it's one day closer...I'm getting the fever. Maybe I'll go to quallies on Sunday.

Thenman - I agree with you, the early rounds are the best; you can see more players and I like to see the new faces and some of my favs are lower down the ranks so if I want to see them the first round is the best bet.

Really wish Rafter was playing though. He always has a good tournament in Canada. If he enters next year I'll head for Montreal for sure!!!

Chloe le Bopper 07-25-2002 01:22 AM

If I remember the York University tennis center well enough - the Montreal venus is FAR nicer, and quite a bit bigger.

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