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Berlin_Calling 07-18-2002 04:25 AM

I would like to say HI to everyone on the board!
Hey people, how are you? :wavey: I guess everyone here is also from the wta board. Anyway my name is Chris and Im male. haha. umm...whatever, hi again.

Allie 07-18-2002 04:27 AM

Hi Chris! Nice to meet you! I'm Alexis and I'm a female. :wavey:


syd17 07-18-2002 04:28 AM



Daniel 07-18-2002 04:29 AM

Hi Chris :wavey:
Hi Allie :wavey:

I am new here. I am Daniel and I am male, so far.

:) :) :) :)

Dissident 07-18-2002 04:29 AM


Lol, it seems like we have dozens of HI threads... ;)

Berlin_Calling 07-18-2002 04:31 AM

Hey Alexis, thanks for telling me about your gender, i would of never guessed :o :rolleyes: :)
Hey Syd17! What sex are you? lol
And hi again for like the 10th time Daniel :p :cool: haha. I see that you are also male.

Berlin_Calling 07-18-2002 04:32 AM

Hey hitman, Im presuming that you are male from your user name. BTW, I think we DO have dozens of HI threads. :) ;)

Daniel 07-18-2002 04:40 AM

Hi Hitman :wavey:

Dissident 07-18-2002 04:41 AM

indeed. or else I should be hitwoman :p

hi! hello! :D

Poe 07-18-2002 04:42 AM


Allie 07-18-2002 04:42 AM

lol hitwoman :D

Poe 07-18-2002 04:44 AM

is wtaworld working for you guys?

Daniel 07-18-2002 04:45 AM

no, it is not working for me


Allie 07-18-2002 04:45 AM

nope Poe

Hi btw :wavey:

harry_potter 07-18-2002 04:45 AM

hi crispy, allie, syd17, daniel, hitman, poe :wavey:

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