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RagingLamb 08-14-2009 07:51 PM

Forum guidelines - UPDATED - see info on "Roast" threads
This forum is meant for threads and topics that are related to tennis, tennis players, or tennis fans, (i.e. are related to tennis in some way, however vaguely), but are not related to the game itself and are therefore not appropriate for GM.

The forum is NOT appropriate for threads that would normally be started in the NT forum (i.e. those that are not related to the world of tennis in any way).

Note that GM rules apply to the off Topic section as well, and should be followed when posting or starting new threads.

The "Roast" threads are designed for good-natured mocking and teasing of that particular player. They have been reopened for that purpose, they are not intended to be used for ongoing flame-wars between the fans of that player and non-fans, or between posters on this site who don't get along. If you want them to remain open, please keep that in mind. If you are a fan of that player and do not like to see them being mocked or roasted, especially when they lose, then please do not read this thread.

Feel free to post feedback in the Suggestions/Feedback forum.

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