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Truc 07-13-2009 08:11 AM

Jérémy's website
I didn't know where to post this.
He gave some news again last week on his French forum:

He apologizes for not having posted more lately and he thanks all the fans for their support.
He's very happy about his first half of the season, the few changes he made in January have helped a lot to be more consistent.
Playing twice on a big court against a top player in Slams was a very precious experience for the future. It was an incredible feeling to play on a legendary court like the Wimbledon Center Court and he can't wait to play on that court again.
He took 4 days off after Wimbledon (that's not much!) and resumed the training, putting the emphasis on the condition. On Thursday he went to Paris to train there 2 days and then he left for Stuttgart.
He gives his schedule for the next weeks:
- Stuttgart, Hamburg, Gstaad
- Montreal, Cinci, New Haven, US Open - "and maybe the Davis Cup, I will do everything to earn my spot on the team..."

And at the end he asks if anybody has a question to ask him.
(If you have a question and you don't speak French, you can post it here and a French poster can ask it there for you.)

Truc 07-27-2009 12:01 PM

Re: Jérémy's website
He posted on his forum again last Friday, he wrote about his win in Stuttgart and he answered a couple of questions about his racquet (he won't change, he sticks to his Radical - somebody had asked the question because Eysseric has had a lot of injury problems after a recent racquet change) and about how he deals with his new fame (no problem, he still has the same way of life, people are very cool with him).

The post about Stuttgart:
He started the tournament with his best set of the season against Chucho and kept it up during the whole tournament. The night before the final was quite hard, he felt pretty much like during the first set of the final, to give you an idea, but then it was just wonderful, he had been waiting for this first title since the beginning of the year, he felt able to do it. A great reward for him, but also for his team, his gf, his family, everybody around him and also for his fans, so he wants to share this victory with the people of the forum too and he will do everything in order to add some more. It won't stop there...

Truc 11-24-2009 10:16 AM

Re: Jérémy's website
He hasn't posted any updates for a while now.

I see they now have a section in English for his foreign fans in the forum.

Truc 12-16-2009 07:50 AM

Re: Jérémy's website
I see only now that there was a chat with Jérémy 10 days ago on his website. He stayed almost 2 hours to talk with them!

Cyril made a summary of some answers here:
He is training in Pau and ready for the Masters France.
He will leave for Australia on the 26th to have enough time to get used to the conditions there.
He'll play doubles with Gicquel in Brisbane and at the AO.
He doesn't know yet what outfit he will wear next year.
He doesn't know yet the French tournaments he will play in 2010.
Fontang arranges all the travel matters for him.
Jérémy wanted to give him his Stuttgart trophy, but Fontang told Jim to keep it.
His biggest disappointment of the season was the loss to Serra in New Heaven. They had to change the court in the middle of the match.
His best match against Djoko was the last one in Cincy.
He loves the court #1 in RG.
The DC week was awesome.
He doesn't fear one player in particular, he thinks he's able to be competitive against anybody.
He's very happy with the racquet he's been using for 3 years now (Radical).
He loves his new car too.
The last movie he saw was The Box, he didn't like it at all. A movie he liked lately: A good year with R. Crowe and M. Cotillard.
He hasn't bought Agassi's book. Fabrice gave him a copy of his and he's going to read it on the plane.
He can't ski.
His whole family plays tennis, his new gf too, she even plays very well.
She doesn't like when Jim isn't close-shaven.
He doesn't take more than 3 weeks of vacation in a year and doesn't spend more than 2 weeks without picking up a racquet.

Puschkin 12-16-2009 01:53 PM

Re: Jérémy's website

Originally Posted by Truc (Post 9413110)
She doesn't like when Jim isn't close-shaven.

Neither do I, but she certainly has more influence on him. :haha:

:Zaz: 12-17-2009 11:13 AM

Re: Jérémy's website

Originally Posted by Puschkin (Post 9413606)
Neither do I, but she certainly has more influence on him. :haha:

Hahaha :lol: I actually like him a little scruffy and stubbly. :hearts:
Who is the new lady? No more Jenny? Or am I confused? :confused:

Thanks Truc for posting :)

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