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Angle Queen 05-15-2009 01:08 AM

A Place to Vent

Searched the forum for something similar. Came up empty. Hope I'm not duplicating.

But I need to vent.

GullDangIt! I hate losing to a ringer. I play in this "Ladies Who Lunch But Play Tennis First" league where my partner and I have enjoyed a modicum of success. So here comes the last match of the Spring Season...we're riding high and doing well in our other leagues matches (Club Challenge and USTA). And WHAM! We lose 10-3 (it's a doubles "pro" set). We haven't been that drubbed in ages. And to a freakin' lefty and a tall chick. Oh sure, they were steady gals, and we were having troubles with some of our normal shots...but still. Then come to find out...tall-gal...hasn't played with them all season long. Then shows up on the last day. Yeah riiiiight.

Technically, I don't think there's been any misconduct but it sure does burn. Mostly because we got smoked...on the court...where it counts. But something about it just rubs the wrong way.

Bah. Humbug.

So vent all you

jazar 05-16-2009 08:14 AM

Re: A Place to Vent
i'm going to take you up on this venting offer. had a couple of doubles matches for my club last night. first one, played alright and won easily, 2 and 1. our opponents didnt manage to hold serve once in the entire match. second one, played absolute crap against a pair who were beatable and lucky. i dont mind losing if i've played well or if the other pair are too good; but in this case neither of those apply so i was very, very pissed

SkepticJason 05-17-2009 03:12 AM

Re: A Place to Vent
I am going to take this chance for a minor vent, too. I am still a beginner and advertise myself as one, but I met this guy today who knew that from our e-mail discussion, and it turns out he plays at a significantly higher level. I really don't care about losing as long as I am in the match, or at least creating rallies, getting to deuce, etc.

It was an unproductive match for me because I was beaten too easily to learn anything, and it couldn't have been much more fun for him to have a hapless opponent.

Is it usually difficult to find a partner of appropriate skill when you only play only at around the 2.5 level?

Angle Queen 05-21-2009 01:47 AM

Re: A Place to Vent
:hatoff: guys...and thanks for joining in.

Just an update on the "tall-gal" I played (and lost to...badly). Turns out, the joke's on me. She apparently broke one ankle last fall...then got back on the court too early and broke the other. OUCH. The doc finally cleared her to play that last match. Good on her for keeping at it.

Probably could have vented some yesterday and day before. Lost two matches...a Club Challenge (that I REALLY wanted to win) and a no-consequence Suburban match. Came back today with a vengeance though....won love and one. :woohoo: So no crying over matches-past.

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