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Angle Queen 02-17-2009 12:56 AM

Women's Apparel
Another (mostly) rant thread: Why is it...that women's tennis clothes $uck? Between flimsy fabrics that don't hide the necessaries and bottoms withOUT pockets...bah! Where the hell am I supposed to put the ball!?!?

I've played in the same skort for years now...and alas, Prince has stopped making it. So I'm looking for a replacement without much success. We don't have many sources here in town so I'm reduced to shopping online. The descriptions are crappy (they won't give an inseam or describe the "pocket") and women's sizes :rolleyes: . Don't get me started. Oh wait, I started this thread.

Sorry just don't know how good/easy you have it: a shirt and just about any pair of athletic shorts will do...and ya'll still look good on court. :cool:

jazar 02-17-2009 07:24 AM

Re: Women's Apparel
unfortunately the vast majority of maufacturers, particularly the big ones, are choosing style over practicality. manufacturers such as lotto still tend to make some practical outfits, as they dont really have any big name, always in the spotlight players to cater for

Angle Queen 02-18-2009 12:09 AM

Re: Women's Apparel
Thanks for the commiseration, Jaz. Yeah, that "style" thing is ok...but, come on, we've gotta play in that stuff. And we don't have ballkids at our beck-n-call either. Rolling the ball up under your shorts. In 90F heat -- no thank you. Disgusting. Especially if you're on clay.

I'll keep searching. Probably have to suck it up and just order some. Try 'em on and send 'em back if they don't suit. If I were handy with the sewing machine I'd risk ripping apart one of the three pairs I have left to try to make a template/pattern. *sigh*

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