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Borisbeck 05-28-2008 03:04 AM

Saddlebrooke Tennis Academy
What's this boards consensus on tennis camps??

Thinking of attending Saddlebrooke for 2-3 weeks, 24 years old maybe 3 to 3.5 level, I'm mainly looking to be confident from all planks, have no weaknesses, and build a great foundation for my game so that I can build on it from there.

And yes, DOUBLEHANDED backhand.

Borisbeck 05-29-2008 02:51 AM

Re: Saddlebrooke Tennis Academy

Topspin Sports 05-29-2008 05:49 AM

Re: Saddlebrooke Tennis Academy
3-4 weeks of training (at any camp) will not eliminate weaknesses. But it may just give you a good foundation. I have a good friend who trained at saddlebrook for his post grad year. He saw unbelievable improvements. Keep in mind he was there for a year playing 6 hours a day!

My suggestion is find a GOOD pro in your area and take a lesson 2x a week and PRACTICE what he is teaching you so you can improve on a weekly basis and this way is far more cost effective

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