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athie 06-14-2004 07:07 PM

Tuesday 14th Order of Play
Center Court - aanvang vanaf 13:00

Raemon Sluiter (NED) vs. Rainer Schuettler (DUI)
Sjeng Schalken (NED) vs. Mario Ancic (CRO)
Mary Pierce (FRA) vs. Emmanuelle Gagliardi (ZWI)
Guillermo Coria (ARG) vs. Karol Beck (SVK)

Baan 1 - aanvang vanaf 12:00

Emilie Loit (FRA) vs. Barbara Schett (DUI)
Lars Burgsmuller (GER) vs. Tommy Robredo (SPA)
Marta Marrero (SPA) vs. Milagros Sequera (VEN)
Ivo Karlovic (KRO) vs. Arnaud Clement (FRA)

Baan 2 - aanvang vanaf 12:00

Guillermo Canas (ARG) vs. Nikolay Davydenko (RUS)
Maria Kirilenko (RUS) vs. Maria Elena Camerin (ITA)
Michael Llodra (FRA) vs. Yen-Hsun Lu (TPE)

Baan 3 - aanvang vanaf 13:00

Mariusz Fyrstenberg (POL) & Marcin Matkowski (POL)
Dennis van Scheppingen (NED) & Peter Wessels (NED)

Jelena Jankovic (SMG) & Anne Kremer (LUX)
Tina Krizan (SLO) & Katarina Srebotnik (SLO)

Anca Barna (GER) & Lina Krasnoroutskaya (RUS)
Jelena Kostanic (KRO) & Claudine Schaul (LUX)

Baan 5 - aanvang vanaf 12:00

Anne Kremer (LUX) vs. Anca Barna (GER)
Claudine Schaul (LUX) vs. Akiko Morigami (JAP)
Ludmila Cervanova (SLO) vs. Anabel Medina Garrigues (SPA)

Galina Fokina (RUS) & Kristen van Elden (AUS)
Gisela Dulko (ARG) & Maria Kirilenko (RUS)

Baan 6 - aanvang vanaf 14:00

Martin Damm (CZE) & Cyril Suk (CZE),1
Yves Allegro (SUI) & Michael Kohlmann (DUI)

Alexander Popp (DUI) vs. Philipp Petzschner (GER)

Denisa Chladkova (TSJ) & Arantxa Parra Santonja (SPA)
Carly Gullickson (VST) & Michaella Krajicek (NED)

Schedule sourced from Ordina Open

Neely 06-14-2004 07:22 PM

Re: Tuesday 14th Order of Play
LET'S GO!!!!!!

- Rainer Schüttler :D :D
- Lars :yeah: (but I see almost no chance for him to beat Robredo :sad: )
- Babsi :) (would be about damn time to win a maindraw match :banghead: :banghead: :o :o )
- VAMOS Marta :D :banana: :clap2:

athie 06-14-2004 07:44 PM

Re: Tuesday 14th Order of Play
2 Attachment(s)
Neely is it just me or is buggi just always unlucky :(
I have to agree unless Lars is in 'tip top' form I cant see him trouncing Robredo.

go buggi babe!! :wavey:

pics especially for me :D

Sjengster 06-14-2004 10:27 PM

Re: Tuesday 14th Order of Play
Lord, please just let these next three weeks be good for Schalken, as they were last year. I don't ask for anything else.

Deboogle!. 06-14-2004 10:37 PM

Re: Tuesday 14th Order of Play
oh goodie, Guille will be playing late enough to watch online here:)

CooCooCachoo 06-15-2004 05:15 AM

Re: Tuesday 14th Order of Play
Today, I hope to be cheering for:

- Raemon :)
- Emilie :)
- Tommy :) :) :)
- Marta :)
- Arnaud :)
- Maria Elena :)
- Mika :)
- Mariusz and Marcin :)
- Anne :)
- Tina and Kata :)
- Jelena and Claudine :)
- Akiko :)
- Ludmila :) :)
- Gisela and Maria :)
- Yves and Michael :)
- Alexander :)
- Carly & Arantxa :) Even though they are playing against each other.

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