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sigmagirl91 01-08-2008 07:28 PM

The Rules...or How to Behave Responsibly While Visiting this Forum...
We have been an orderly, well-behaved forum even without moderation; however, the bandwagon effect may not ensure that it stays that way. To that end, there needs to be some order to this place-even as we don't have an official moderator. Below are some general "rules" that will help regular and sporadic visitors enjoy their experience here:

1. Please do not use this message board to bash David, his family, or his team. Aside from it being tacky and tasteless, it's just plain good manners and respect to refrain from such behavior. If you wish to do this, then be prepared for any backlash-disciplinary from MTF or legal, if it should ever get that far. So,'am, sir, use discretion.

2. No trolling allowed. I don't think an extended discussion about this is needed. If there are questions, feel free to PM the mods or admins.

3. Please feel free to post to any of the threads on this forum. Also, please be mindful, before you begin a new thread, of any open threads on the same topic about which you intend to post. For example, if there is a thread on the 2008 AO, then save space and not begin another one with the same name or content.

4. We are all here to have a good time and enjoy our experience, for that to happen, I ask that we respect one another. Just as we don't want to bash David,, we don't want to bash each other. Not a good scene....

5. And mindful of general forum rules. They do apply here, you know.

I came up with these as a guide for how the message should run. If you have any other ideas/suggestions, please let me know. Thanks.

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