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ofey 09-27-2007 12:48 AM

Hellooo MTF
Hi all,

My name IRL is Irving. I'm 30 and currently live in Melbourne, Australia. I'm originally from Singapore and did my undergrad degree and PhD in London England.

I first picked up a racquet at about 13 and took tennis lessons from a "colorful" coach who absolutely worshipped Boris Becker (he serves like him and imitates Becker's "walking the ball" routine). My parents were advised by him NOT to buy a racquet initially and so I started by borrowing his Wilson ProStaff Classic 6.0 85Sq" (which he passed on to me when I stopped my training at 17 and him retiring) and was taught to play with an Eastern Grip. I was also taught to play with a Wooden Wilson Jack Kramer and Dunlop MaxPly as well. My uncle who suggested this coach also for a time lent me his Prince Graphite Classic for a time. So you can say I've used some classic racquets in my time.

My personal favourite player is Stefan Edberg (initially chosen just to piss my coach off) and I adapted myself to play with a continental grip on all my strokes (serve, fore and backhand) and copied his strange serve (yes high ball toss) and his even stranger forehand. Being rather vertically challenged, the serve volley game doesn't suit me but alot of people have commented that I've actually imitated Stefan's strokes and volleys to a T. I've also admired Sampras, Henman, Gasquet and Safin over the years.

I stopped playing when I was called up for National Service and during my years in London though I still watched alot of tennis. Now since moving to Melbourne, I've picked up the racquet again and am currently helping my wife pick up her tennis basics. I would probably rate as a 3.0 player.

Currently, I'm have a PS85s (left over from my coach) and a NCode Tour 90(heavy as hell but I'm getting used to them) and my favourite players on the tour currently are: Fed, Djoko, Gasquet & (ATP) and Ivanovic on the WTA.

Outside of tennis, I like soccer and my favourite teams are: AFC Ajax, Manchester United, Celtic FC, Internazionale and Tampines Rovers. I'm also like watching baseball and support the Boston Red Sox. Locally, I support the Collingwood Magpies in Aussie Rules.

I'm hoping to learn more about tennis through MTF and perhaps meet some friends to play tennis with.

Voo de Mar 09-27-2007 12:52 AM

Re: Hellooo MTF
Hi there :wavey: Edberg was also my fave player once.

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