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Eden 07-29-2007 05:23 PM

At which tournaments have you seen Roger playing live?
I didn't found a similiar thread and thought it was a nice idea to bridge the time until Roger starts playing in Montreal ;)

Have you ever been to a tournament where Roger played and if yes which matches of him have you seen? How was your expectation before you saw him play? Which tournaments do you plan to visit in the future to see him performing there?

As I don't have anyone in my family or of my friends who is interested in tennis I never went to a tournament until this year. I was in Hamburg at the Rothenbaum and saw Rogers matches against Juan Monaco and Juan Carlos Ferrero. It was so special to see him play life for the first time. I'm sure everyone still remembers both of the mentioned matches. Roger really struggled against Monaco and I was so nervous that he might gonna lose that match, but fortunately he fought like a lion and proved what a chamion he is. The next match against Ferrero went much better and he played some amazing shots which we didn't got to see the previous day. Although I only saw two matches of him in that tournament I got to see the two faces of him: One where he didn't played the tennis he is capable of and one where he really played with much more selfconfidence and light heartedness.

I also had tickets for the tournament in Halle and was really looking forward to see him playing on grass, but unfortunately Roger withdrew. Therefore I hope I get to see him in Halle next year. I also want to see him in Davis Cup one day when they play at home in Switzerland or have an away game in Germany.

Now it's up to you to share your experiences :) I'm looking forward to read many of them :)

Stevens Point 07-29-2007 07:07 PM

Re: At which tournaments have you seen Roger playing live?
hallo Doris :)

I saw him for the first time in a department store live in Zurich where he gave an TV interview to a local TV in October 2003, but my first time to see him play was in Geneva, DC tie vs. Serbia in 2006. I didn't have any expectations,, I was just simply looking forward to seeing him play. :) He played really well. I was just pleased to see him play and that he gave Switzerland 1-0 lead in the tie! :) The second time was also in the same year, in Basel. It was Thursday, and 2nd round or so, against the Spaniard Garcia Lopez. 6-2 6-0 was the score, if I am right. He played well, but to be honest,,, I wanted to see him play longer... It went really fast.. If you see him win like that in front of the TV, you feel, yeah great win! But, if you are there for just one day and the match was so over in a short time, you feel like, I wanted to see him longer..

I don't have any plan for the next time, but I do have a dream. I want to go to his match in one of the Grand Slam tournaments.

R. Bachelot 07-30-2007 12:15 AM

Re: At which tournaments have you seen Roger playing live?
DC tie vs France in Neuchâtel 2001
DC tie vs France in Lausanne 2004
Basel 2006

Puschkin 07-30-2007 07:10 AM

Re: At which tournaments have you seen Roger playing live?
Wimbledon 2007: Final against Nadal
Roland Garros 2007: 1st round against Russel

Basel 2006: Final against Gonzalez, SF against Srichaphan, QF against Ferrer
Roland Garros 2006: 3rd round against Massu

Roland Garros 2005: Semifinal against Nadal

Vienna 2003: SF against Mirnyi and 2nd round against Beck

Doris Loeffel 07-30-2007 08:38 AM

Re: At which tournaments have you seen Roger playing live?
RG 01 3rd or 4rd round against Davide Sanchez

Gstaad 03 First round and Final

DC 04 Second round against France
Gstaad 04 The whole tournament

DC 05 First round against Netherlands
April 06 Show match in Basel
Wimby 05 4th round agains Ferrero
DC 05 Relegation round against Great Britain

DC 06 First Round against Australia
April 06 Show match in Sierre
RG 06 third Round against Massu and 4th Round against Berdych
Wimby 06 Third round against Mahut
TMS Canada Whole week
Basel 06 Whole week
DC 0t Relegation round against Serbia

DC 07 First round against Spain
TMS MC 07 Whole week
RG 07 Third round against Starace and 4th round against Youzhny
Wimby 07 Third round against Safin and Final against Nadal

So you see what I spend my holidays and money for.... ;) ;)

Mrs. B 07-30-2007 01:22 PM

Re: At which tournaments have you seen Roger playing live?
first time: Gstaad, July 2002. I didn't really check the schedule but saw him play doubles with Kratochvil. My husband and i sat just behind the baseline so i was awed by his presence and play. (they lost that match)
i also saw him in Gstaad in 2003 and 2004.

Roger also came to Bern to do an exhibition in Sept. 2003, with his then sponsors, AMAG. (that was the first time i had my pic taken with him, i gave him a red envelope from the few fans then, and we even high fived! :lol:
I also saw him play in Basel that year, in October.

Davis Cup, 2004. against France, in Lausanne.
exhibition match in Sierre, April 2006
Davis Cup, Sept. 2006. against Serbia & Montenegro, in Geneva.
Swiss Indoors, Basel, October 2006 (against Paradorn Shrirapchan, GREAT match!)

t0x 07-30-2007 01:50 PM

Re: At which tournaments have you seen Roger playing live?
DC against Britain :P

Well he gave us a slaughtering... but it was good to watch :|

And I saw him at Wimbers back in 04!

SUKTUEN 07-30-2007 03:33 PM

Re: At which tournaments have you seen Roger playing live?
2004 Hong Kong championship single semi final and final~~
2004 Hong Kong championship doubles semi final and final~
2006 Shanghai TMC Semi final and Final!:worship: :worship:

ShotmaKer 07-30-2007 05:16 PM

Re: At which tournaments have you seen Roger playing live?
Roland Garros 2007 : 1st round against M. Russell... but only some few games (rainy sucking day...:sad: )

rofe 07-30-2007 06:05 PM

Re: At which tournaments have you seen Roger playing live?
None but I would like to before he retires.

Federerhingis 07-31-2007 04:58 AM

Re: At which tournaments have you seen Roger playing live?
I saw him live for the first time at last years US Open Final versus Roddick the last two three points were amazing, his forehand just took off on fire. :worship:

This was also my first time visiting a tennis tournament. It'always been near me about 60 miles away, but for four years I had to go to college when the US Open was just hittting strides.

Rog1 07-31-2007 11:58 AM

Re: At which tournaments have you seen Roger playing live?
Hi there,

I saw him live for the first time last year at Wimbledon on the opening day. Since then I've seen him this in Dubai and again at Wimbledon last month

I always got butterflies as I made my way to the centre court.

Linda (Luton-UK)

jtipson 07-31-2007 01:08 PM

Re: At which tournaments have you seen Roger playing live?
Madrid 2003: against Fish (r3), Lopez (qf) and Ferrero (sf)
Bercy 2003: against Henman (qf)
Wimbledon 2004: against Falla (r2)
Wimbledon 2005: against Mathieu (r1), Roddick (f, ok so that was from Henman Hill)
AO 2006: against Mirnyi (r3), Haas (r4), Davydenko (qf), Kiefer (sf), Baghdatis (f)
RG 2006: against Hartfield (r1), Nalbandian (sf)
Wimby 2006: against Berdych (r4), Nadal (f)
Wimby 2007: last bit of match against del Potro (r2)

I have been to a couple of other tournaments as well in that time frame, but either Roger wasn't playing, or we didn't have tickets for the right court. I actually find watching him live nearly as nerve-wracking as following on TV, although strangely enough last year's Wimbledon final wasn't too bad. What I look forward to most, especially in SW19, is going to watch him practice - almost always at 12:00, like clockwork.

Hopefully some more next year, maybe starting with the AO? I'm only getting to Melbourne for the final though.

SUKTUEN 07-31-2007 03:35 PM

Re: At which tournaments have you seen Roger playing live?
I also want to watch his match in this year TMC Shanghai!!:devil:

RogiFan88 07-31-2007 04:31 PM

Re: At which tournaments have you seen Roger playing live?

The first time I had the privilege of seeing Rogi live was at TMS Toronto 2002 -- singles and doubles (w Ferreira). Shame Rogi lost R1 v. Canas, the title winner that year.

TMS Toronto 2002
R1 Canas d Federer 76(10) 75 unbelievably hot humid smoggy 42C plus day...
R1 Federer/Ferreira d Safin/Kafelnikov 75 61 fun, very quick match!
QF Eagle/Stolle d Federer/Ferreira 26 76(4) 67(3) after poor Rogi heard that Peter Carter had died and was visibly upset w Wayne trying to buck him up :sad:

[Rogi was busy beating Moya in the SF of Vienna in 2002 when I was at the Sat. Qualies of Madrid02]

TMS Montreal 2003
R1 Federer d Gaudio 64 36 75 tough match that Rogi could have lost but he thanked the crowd for pulling him through!

TMS Toronto 2004
R1 Federer d Arazi 63 75 rain-soaked first round that continued over two days!

[Federer did not play TMS Montreal05 but I was there.]

R1 Federer d Mathieu 63 64 easy first round in evening match!
R2 Federer d Grosjean 63 63 even easier second round in the sun!
R3 Federer d Tursunov 63 57 60 tougher evening match!
QF Federer d Malisse 76(4) 67(5) 63 the toughest match vs. an extremely in-form Xavier -- very high quality evening match!
SF Federer d Gonzalez 61 57 63 another fairly tough match but fun Sat. evening!
F Federer d Gasquet 26 63 62 hot, sunny vs. Richou, who played well all tourney! so exciting to see Rogi win a title and watch the ceremony! Rogi just loves the "Rogers Cup"!

TMS Montreal07
to come!


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