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Champion number 1 06-14-2007 10:51 AM

The classe of '89 thread
This thread will be to follow the performances of our promising 3 players from the classe of 89.

Matteo Trevisan - 13/08/1989

Junior Ranking: 2 (best 1)
Senior Ranking: 1206

Best Junior performances (in last year):

Won Open International Juniors De Bealiuer sur Mer (23-29/04/07)
Won Citta Di Santa Croce (14-20/05/07)
Won trofeo Bonfiglio (21-27/05/07)
R/U German Junior Open (11-16/07/06)
R/U Sportastic Junior Open, Austria (18-23/07/06)
S/F Junior French Open (3-10/06/07)
S/F Open Notinghill, Australia (14-20/01/07)

Senior Performances 2007:

Italy F6 2nd round
Italy F9 1st round
Italy F12 2nd round


Thomas Fabbiano - 26/05/1989

Junior Ranking: 15 (best 6)
Senior Ranking: 1494

Junior Performances (last year):

Won Perin Memorial, Croatia (27/03-01/04/07)
S/F Loy Yang Power Traralgon, Australia (5-10/01/07)
S/F Australian Open Juniors (21-27/01/07)

Senior Performances (2007):

Italy F1 1st round
Italy F3 1st round
Italy F4 1st round
Italy F5 2nd round
Barletta CH 1st round
Italy F12 1st round


Daniel Alejandro Lopez - 03/07/1989

Junior ranking: 39 (best 16)
Senior ranking: 992

Junior Performances (last year):

R/U Citta Di Santa Croce (14-20/05/07)

Senior Performances (2007):

Italy F4 2nd round
Italy F5 1st round
Italy F9 Quarter Final

Champion number 1 08-02-2007 11:10 AM

Re: The classe of '89 thread
Fabbiano into R2 in the challenger event at Trani he is playing this week.

Trevisan and Lopez into QF of future event in Imperia this week.

Champion number 1 08-03-2007 08:07 AM

Re: The classe of '89 thread
Fabbiano into QF

Lopez and Trevisan into SF

Super-Fabio 08-04-2007 10:54 AM

Re: The classe of '89 thread
Trevisan d. Lopez 76 64

Champion number 1 08-08-2007 11:18 AM

Re: The classe of '89 thread
Trevisan lost the final of that tournament in 3 sets

All 3 are in Avezzano this week, but Trevisan lost in the 1st round to 4 seed Trusendi, again in 3 sets :(

Fabbiano and Lopez had relatively easy wins. Fabbiano is currently 612 in the rankings after his QF in the last challenger while Trevisan should go up next week when the final of the future event is taken into account.

Champion number 1 08-09-2007 11:06 AM

Re: The classe of '89 thread
Fabbiano and Lopez into QF... both with 3 set wins. Lopez defeated the difficult Trusendi who had already knocked out Trevisan. 7-5 in the 3rd in a brutal match from what it seems. While Fabbiano had an easier time, but it still took 3 sets winning 61 26 62

Champion number 1 08-10-2007 10:59 AM

Re: The classe of '89 thread
Fabbiano out in final set tie-break.. Lopea into SF on final set TB... as far as I know... Lopez will get 4 pts so far for reaching SF, Fabbiano will get 2 pts for reaching QF... 0 for Trevisan.

Champion number 1 08-12-2007 08:59 PM

Re: The classe of '89 thread
Lopez lost to Vanni in SF.

Champion number 1 09-04-2007 10:27 AM

Re: The classe of '89 thread
US Juniors R1

Lopez out..

Fabbiano and Trevisan advance

Champion number 1 09-04-2007 09:22 PM

Re: The classe of '89 thread
Fabbiano and Trevisan through to Last 16.

Champion number 1 09-06-2007 09:50 PM

Re: The classe of '89 thread
Fabbiano and Trevisan through to the boys QF now... both doing very well yet again in the GS Juniors.

In the QF Fabbiano has the fabulous Ignatik. No.1 seed FO winner.

Trevisan has a chance for the semi as he plays unseeded Daniel Evans of GB.

Champion number 1 09-07-2007 09:25 PM

Re: The classe of '89 thread
Fabbiano smashed Ignatik 64 62 and is now in the semi-final of the US Open Juniors. Forza Thomas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

scarecrows 09-07-2007 09:27 PM

Re: The classe of '89 thread
Trevisan won first set

can make it 2 italians in semi

Champion number 1 09-07-2007 10:04 PM

Re: The classe of '89 thread
It is 2... Trevisan def. Evans 64 75... A great tournament for these 2 obviously very talented kids... after this tournament they must go to the next level in the seniors and should get some WC to Challengers.

scarecrows 09-07-2007 10:05 PM

Re: The classe of '89 thread
problem is that there arent many challengers in Italy left I think

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