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11-03-2012 01:20 AM
Re: Why do you like tennis?

I realised long ago that the sports I like watching tend to be ones in which the score is constantly changing, and on both sides, and that the more increases in score there are the better. So football, where you can charge up and down a field for 90 minutes and still come away with a goalless draw, and cricket, where all the scoring is on one side and then the other, just don't cut it for me. Tennis, on the other hand ... Plus I particularly love (except when it's going against the player I want to win, of course ) the way the momentum of a match can change on a sixpence, and just when you thought one player was coasting to victory the whole thing turns round.

Pleased to see so many people appreciating the more aesthetic side of tennis. As a big fan of dance (although now I come to think of it I've been watching tennis for about a decade longer, but never mind), I too can appreciate the more graceful, footwork-y part of it, and those beautiful shots that just happen to get past the opponent and just sneak inside the lines. Plus there's something slightly hypnotic about watching people slug a ball across a net - just as long as they don't do it too many times without a break - I'm not a fan of 30-ball rallies! I can sit and watch tennis for hours - clocked up 9 hours at the Olympics the other month. And then - irrespective of whether it's tennnis or dance - I like to see athletes who can use their brains rather than just their bodies. And there is something rather attractive about the whole gladiatorial aspect of it. Then there's the difference in styles between the players, which can be great fun to watch.

Oh, and I also really like doubles play (and anyone else who dares come into the net instead of slogging from the baseline). Given the choice between an average-ranked singles match and a similar doubles match, I'll almost always pick the doubles, because they tend to be more fun.
11-02-2012 02:04 PM
Re: Why do you like tennis?

I've been told I only like tennis because of Nadal, and I would love cricket if he was a cricket player. Soooo...I guess that's my answer
11-02-2012 12:55 PM
Re: Why do you like tennis?

who said i like tennis ?
11-02-2012 11:42 AM
Re: Why do you like tennis?

First of all, I love tennis because it's so fascinating a game. It's a physically demanding sport where you need to have endurance, strength, as well as shotmaking technique, but it also has the tactical aspect. Even though playing tennis can be exhausting, it's definitely much funnier than e.g. playing computer games.

And interest for the game made me watch tennis. And just like it's interesting to play, it's also interesting to watch, there are players with different playing styles, and surfaces suiting for different playing styles. The game is the biggest reason why I follow the game. But there are also some personalities you like, even if you wouldn't like their playing style, and you start to follow them more closely. And I also like the gentlemanship in tennis, even though tennis is unfortunately losing that, players are having much time between points and fistpumping at opponent's errors. And probably the prestige of Grand Slams made me also to watch tennis, you know they're playing for something big.
09-29-2012 11:42 AM
Re: Why do you like tennis?

-I think it's one of the sports that give you the strongest emotions, because it's extremely stressful and intense
-I've always preferred individual sports
-I think it's aesthetically very pleasing to watch (the way they move, the footwork, etc - the dancing analogy works for me, I just like to watch beautiful moves in any sport)
-I like the way they have to play with geometry to construct points
-I like how every player is different and has specificities (kind of reminds me of Tekken )
-I like the ethic and "gentleman-like" aspect of this sport
-I like that the mental aspect is so important, that you have to learn how to avoid panicking, believe in yourself, etc
-I like the epic dimension of tennis (thrilling 5 hour-long five setters...)
-Tennis players are hot. Wait, football players are hot too, and I don't watch football. Well anyway don't try to find a logic in that.
09-27-2012 08:57 AM
Re: Why do you like tennis?

The analogy between tennis and boxing is often made, including by players, and surely some people like it for this reason like castroneves and maybe Satasonic,

but personally I don't like this dimension of tennis or this comparison at all.

This dimension rather disturbs me.

I mean of course you have to "believe" more than your opponent and it's very important to be careful of your opponent's moments of weakness and be able to take benefit of them, but I don't like the violent connotation of that "I will kill/destroy you" (and that part really exists in tennis : Nadal even used that word once in an interview by lapsus in a very honest way and it made the interviewer laugh but it was just sincere ).

But I think this association with boxing is made by many spectators.

I'm more attracted by the geometric and "dancing" part.

Of course that partly explains why I'm attracted by Fed whereas some others are attracted by Nadal (see Murray for instance who's in love with both boxing and Nadal)
09-27-2012 02:04 AM
Sham Kay Adams
Re: Why do you like tennis?

- Match ups - Every opponent will show you different skills and characters. You have to strive on being competitive while respecting the ability every opponent has to take the match out of your hands.

- The different techniques, the way the players use their physiques to their advantage while managing their weaknesses

- The mental chess-like strategic side, which is unlike any other sport

- The momentum shifts and the tension created by BIG points - tension which the audience of the match can feel as much as the players.

- No two players in the World have the same game

- The steady waltz the players have with one another as they battle physical exhaustion and mental fatigue.

- The effect the past has on you. Positives from the past can create the momentum which effectively wins you matches, but your ability to manage the negatives from the past and the resulting frustrations and insecurities is what determines your ability to succeed - Tennis is essentially a test of your character as much as it is an examination of your physical abilities. This fact is fascinating.

The balance a player must have between aggression and control

The sheer amount of freedom a player has with what they do on the court. Ranging from flat out blasting the ball to variety and finesse, top-spin, slice etc

- New Tennis balls smell better than glue or patrol
09-27-2012 12:38 AM
Re: Why do you like tennis?

Originally Posted by Satasonic View Post

For me- I love the different match ups in tennis, no matter how good or boring they are. Its amazing that every time 2 different players meet- a completely different match up is created, its really fascinating. It happens only in tennis, and nowhere else. Take football for example, although its a great sport, some games do look quite similar to each other.

In tennis, its different. You can get a match up like Raonic-Karlovic, or a match up like Andujar-Troicki, and they will be different. However when you match Raonic-Andujar, you will get a completely different match.

So, what are your points?
I have similar reasons, for that reason I also like boxing. And another reason is I like the whole system of ranking, tournaments (smaller, grand slams..), seeing how certain players progress, comparing them, sometimes just checking the results. It is very simple sport to understand, easily noticing changes of the game, tactics/strategy, improvements, many other sports specially team sports might just get too complicated and i am looking at them for pure entertainment trying to see just nice passes, combinations and not caring much about anything strategic.
09-27-2012 12:24 AM
Re: Why do you like tennis?

i enjoy watching my favorite players, even though I don't play tennis myself.
09-27-2012 12:03 AM
Re: Why do you like tennis?

I like tennis because it's the purest sport there is, some people might say fighting is, but I disagree, it's more pure because there isn't fighting for one thing, the 1v1 is better, it's also the most adaptable to anyone's person, there are so many different way to play the game, more than any other sport, if sport was an art tennis would be it, my favorite style of play is an aggressive, well rounded game, to me the best game is the most complete and aggressive, that's why Melzer's my favorite player.
09-26-2012 11:56 PM
Re: Why do you like tennis?

Originally Posted by duong View Post
I have not played enough tennis to really take tactical lessons from my practise, but I think I've watched it enough to understand a part of what players feel when they have to face some shots, and what makes them tough.
My understanding of the tactics is only good for watching. I'm not good enough, or at all, to be able to play with any kind of tactics . But knowing the game just makes it more fun to watch.

Originally Posted by duong View Post
I've hardly watched them either, but from what I watched, American football and cricket looked boring because there was a lot of time just preparing for the next action, it was hard to understand why so many people loved watching them
American Football is my background noise, I mean, some game is always on and someone in the house is always watching. But somehow I cannot get myself to be interested enough to pay attention. I think it's probably just like you said, the gap in between play is too long to keep my attention from wandering off to something else.

Originally Posted by duong View Post
Anyway, that time is also used to watch players carefully and kind of living "intimately" with them, and that's for sure a big part of the interest and also of the identification, Tignor already wrote about it.
I have not thought about that before. But it's right, being able to see their face and body language, makes it easier for us the spectator to identify with them.
09-26-2012 10:58 PM
Re: Why do you like tennis?

Mostly the emotion, but I like the strategy too

Also, helps my play
09-26-2012 10:42 PM
Re: Why do you like tennis?

Because I play sometimes against my friends and I allways own them because they suck even more than I do. And it's a good place to go out with a gurl, because they hate football.
09-26-2012 10:26 PM
Re: Why do you like tennis?

the reasons people already mentioned but I just want to add some things.

What makes the scoring system so great?

Not the system itself but that a match is never over until the matchball is won. It can be 0-6, 0-5 and 3 matchpoints but you can still comeback! In say football it's over if one team has 4-0 with 30 mins left. There is no time pressure in tennis. You can ALWAYS turn the match. And who doesn't love these crazy comebacks and chokes? without the clever scoring system it wouldn't happen.

The man vs man aspect - No teams to hide in and immense mental pressure on the individual player.

It's a classy sport. Civilized crowds. Respect between the players. I've gotten more and more annoyed lately by all the monkey-behaviour in other sports and hooligan and racist stuff in the crowds. Makes you angry. Angry and sad! Tennis is spared from a lot of that crap.

Playing myself. Just recreationally but I know the game and I appreciate the skill when I see it.
Tennis got sort of a "talent guarantee". Even the worst mugs of the top100 are immensely talented if you understand how competititive and unforgiving the ranking system is. You can't buy yourself success in tennis or get lucky you pulled some fantastic move when a talent scout dropped by. Also makes tennis more fair than many other sports. No "economic doping" and owners clowning around. The players own themselves.
09-26-2012 09:52 PM
Re: Why do you like tennis?

Originally Posted by lalaland View Post
Probably true about having the time to think about tactics. The key for me though is that I play it so I understand the tactic more than I understand other sports. Like my favorite sports is ice hockey but I don't play it, so I don't know enough to appreciate the strategies as much as I do for tennis. And ice hockey plays in such fast pace too, yes, it's harder to follow the play as closely as I'm able to in tennis.
I have not played enough tennis to really take tactical lessons from my practise, but I think I've watched it enough to understand a part of what players feel when they have to face some shots, and what makes them tough.

Originally Posted by lalaland View Post
Don't like any of the 4 sports you gave in examples though. But then, I have not probably watch an American Football game or cricket to understand what's going on there. And all these has nothing to do with my reason for liking tennis of course.
I've hardly watched them either, but from what I watched, American football and cricket looked boring because there was a lot of time just preparing for the next action, it was hard to understand why so many people loved watching them

that's why I suggested that it can be part of the pleasure of tennis on spectators to have time to think about those things and prepare for next action. But of course one needs to understand the sport for that

Anyway, that time is also used to watch players carefully and kind of living "intimately" with them, and that's for sure a big part of the interest and also of the identification, Tignor already wrote about it.
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