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11-13-2016 02:16 PM
Re: Roger news and articles

Congrat Roger!!!
11-13-2016 02:52 AM
Re: Roger news and articles

11-06-2016 01:56 AM
Re: Roger news and articles

Still 404, but perhaps this one?:
Roger Federer : "J'ai pris six mois de congés pour revenir pour plusieurs années"

Il me semble qu'il est vachement enrheumé.
11-05-2016 01:51 PM
Re: Roger news and articles

Originally Posted by alypen View Post
I get a 404 error when I try that one
this is the direct link, hope it works

Roger Federer : "J'ai pris six mois de congés pour revenir pour plusieurs années"
11-05-2016 02:12 AM
Re: Roger news and articles

I get a 404 error when I try that one
11-03-2016 09:47 AM
Re: Roger news and articles

Thursday, November 3, 2016 - Roger is in Paris. This morning at the radio EUROPE 1

Video is here a great interview in French

11-02-2016 01:28 PM
Re: Roger news and articles

Federer meets Paris players

Basel - 1 November 2016

A big FC Basel fan, tennis star Roger Federer was at St. Jakob-Park on Tuesday to see the UEFA Champions League Matchday 4 game between his favourite team and Paris Saint-Germain (1-2).

After the game, the Swiss superstar came across some Paris players, like here with Thiago Silva, Marco Verratti, Lucas and Marquinhos.

10-27-2016 01:27 AM
Re: Roger news and articles

You can also access that L'Equipe article here:
10-26-2016 04:38 PM
Re: Roger news and articles

Originally Posted by TNX1.0E6TOPCA View Post
- training in Dubai: 15 Nov. - 28 Dec. 2016 (with Lucas Pouille from 21 Nov.)
- according Emmanuel Planque, Lucas Pouille's coach...
Thanks for quoting the article.

I must admit I love this part and had hoped they would practice together again.

Lucas Pouille is unfortunately the only young player, who'se style I enjoy, but currently he isn't good enough. I noticed Roger likes him quite a lot, expressly mentioned him when they asked him about young hopefuls this year in Halle (or Stuttgart?), even though Pouille had already lost. Otoh he doesn't seem too impressed with Coric.

So Lucas practicing with Roger is good news. He can learn a lot and improve, he seems ambitious and hard-working. Without Roger the tour needs exciting young players more than ever. It's so dull right now.
10-26-2016 03:10 PM
Re: Roger news and articles

thanks for share
10-26-2016 12:20 PM
Re: Roger news and articles

L'Equipe 25 Octobre 2016 in French (pdf p. 24-25) miss time to translate I summarize

- is working with fitness trainer Pierre Paganini and soon with coach Ivan Ljubicic and co-coach Severin Luthi
- checks tennis results everyday
- taking care of his knee at home in Valbella-Lenzerheid (Swiss Alps)
- training in Dubai: 15 Nov. - 28 Dec. 2016 (with Lucas Pouille from 21 Nov.)
- according Emmanuel Planque, Lucas Pouille's coach... Federer could play IPTL : Dubai 13-15 Dec. 2016 and Delhi 16-18 Dec. (private jet) not yet decided
- will lose ATP points: Basel (500) Paris-Bercy (90) London Masters Finals (1000)
- Schedule 2017: Hopman Cup Perth, AO, Dubai, Indian Wells
- knows that he will drop in the rankings but says he will get 'interesting draws'
- the first 6 months of 2017 will be significant, it does not matter if he plays bad, he just fears above all a new injury
- doesn't worry about his age because he has experience and getting old but still feeling young

605 Ko

613 Ko

10-25-2016 05:32 PM
Re: Roger news and articles

Interview with Credit Suisse, haven't seen it here. It's about his pre-match-preparation, quite interesting imho. I love how consistent he is when telling about his preparation. You almost never hear something unexpected, which makes me believe in the authenticity more.

Roger's Way: Prepping for a Big Day

Get the Body Ready

Training, but not too much. I train most intensely in December, when there are no tournaments. In the main season – which runs from January to November – I don't practice as rigorously, because I don't want to overdo it. I just want to keep the base I built in December. Forget the all-nighters, get your sleep.

During tournaments, if I can sleep eight hours a night, I am happy. If I feel tired, I aim to get more than that. I've never tried any 'sleep gimmicks' such as altitude tents, but I often black out the windows to keep the room super-dark. Of course that doesn't prevent being awakened by my children. They like to come into our room quite early.

Keep food consistent. A healthy diet is my norm, and tournament times are no different, except that I add more carbohydrates for extra energy. About two hours before a match, I eat a bowl of lightly-sauced pasta to fuel up. Sometime after playing I have another, to refuel for the next match. Traveling a lot, as I do, could complicate meals, but over the years I've found restaurants and hotels that meet my needs. My eating habits haven't changed over the years, and why not? They have worked well.

A 'Goldilocks' warm-up: neither too much nor too little. Three hours pre-match is when I hit balls for 30-45 minutes with a sparring partner. Then I shower, eat, and talk to my coaches. Shortly before going on court, I'll do some calisthenics and stretching in the locker room. I make sure not to do too much. The idea is to get in the mood and feel of performing, to loosen up, not to wear myself out. It's also important to warm down. After a match, back at the hotel, I do some stretching and take a massage from my physiotherapist.

Get the Mind Ready

Be prepared, not obsessed. Tennis is played on three surfaces (clay, grass, and hard floors), so two to three weeks ahead, I'll practice only on the upcoming tournament's surface. I also need to adjust to jet lag and local weather, but that doesn't take three weeks – one is enough. Mentally, I focus mainly on my game, my strategy, my tactics, less so on what my opponents will do.

My focus varies somewhat from tournament to tournament, depending on the court surface and conditions. Rituals and superstitions: whatever works. Many players have pre-match ceremonies or lucky charms or music to get them ready. I don't. I'm not superstitious, which I guess can be considered a superstition. I like listening to music, but not before a match.

Unlike a lot of players, I don't isolate myself. Before going on court, my team and I are together in the locker room, watching other matches (on TV), talking, and even playing a round or two of cards. Size up the opponent and the crowd. Unlike some sports, there is little 'trash talking' in tennis. In the locker room, players mostly joke around with each other.

On court, the spectators often take sides, and I am very lucky to get exceptional support at most matches throughout the year. An onside crowd really motivates me. I like being the favorite to win. That boosts my confidence, but I don't want to be overconfident. Because an underdog is 'expected' to lose, sometimes they just cut loose, swing freely, and are suddenly quite dangerous. Keep calm, and carry on.

Even when I'm behind, I try to stay relaxed. In a match, lots of things can change very quickly. I try not to give away free points and just to focus on my game plan. What's the worst that could happen? Over the years, my only mental change has been how I deal with losing. I used to get terribly upset, but now I've come to realize it is not the end of the world. I get over it quickly.

Equipment Check

You can never be over prepared. Racquets are tools of our trade. Tennis is played in 'best-of-three' matches that run about two hours, or 'best-of-five' that can go on for three or more. For the shorter ones, I'll bring seven racquets; for the longer ones I'll bring 12. Light on food and beverage. Depending on the heat, during a match I'll take some water or a 'sports' drink. If the match drags on, I might eat an energy bar. Easy does it. No secret weapons. My on-court bag is boring. Extra shirts, shorts, grips, racquets, shoes, my watch, stretch bands, pens, and wallet. Nothing crazy!

One minute to go, what's on your mind?

Play hard! Give my best!
10-23-2016 11:48 PM
Re: Roger news and articles

Thanks, Eden. Very similar to what's in the Tagesanzeiger: «Roger, einige spekulieren, 2017 werde zu Ihrem letzten Hurra» - News Sport: Tennis -
10-21-2016 03:20 PM
Re: Roger news and articles

10-21-2016 02:55 PM
Re: Roger news and articles

I did a translation for an interview Roger gave for Swiss media. I'm not a professional translator and therefore there are grammar mistakes but it's still better than an internet translation.

I hesitated to post the translation as I don't think there is much interest in it here on MTF but those of you who aren't on FB might also like to read it:

„I have to do things in a small way“

Roger Federer talks about his state of form and says that his advancing age isn't bothering him

By Andreas W. Schmid, Manacor

Rafael Nadal and his tennis academy which he opened this morning should have been in the main focus. But who invites Roger Federer as special guest has to share the attention. The 35year old inhabitant of Basle gets ask every 10 seconds for a selfie. Therefore it is important to sit down in a secluded corner in order to do an uninterrupted interview with him. It is the first big one since beginning of July when he played in Wimbledon his last tennis match. Afterwards he had to end his season early due to knee problems.

BaZ: Roger Federer, how are you doing?

Roger Federer: Good. Training goes better and better. We had enough time so we could do a constant build-up. We are on time. I'm nearly at 100% in fitness area. Also at the tennis the intensity increases. Therefore I'm really satisfied. The tough times at which I was unsure are over. Either the knee holds or not.

BaZ: At hiking the knee held as the pictures proved which you put on Twitter.
My father is a funny guy. He said: Come on, let's take the gondola to Ebenalp and then walk over to the mountain inn Aescher and from there into the valley. That sound easier as it then was because it only went downhill – 6 ½ hours. That was the ultimate test for my knee. (Laughs) Since then I have the feeling that it goes better. Everyone – Mirka, our daughters and my parents – had a heavy muscle ache the next day. I felt okay even though it wasn't very clever what we did.

BaZ: What else could you do this summer which wasn't possible in the last years?

I could live organized again since a long time. I knew in time when I could meet for dinner with friends. Normally everything is a bit unsure. On the tour I don't know how long I am at a tournament and when I travel further or return home. I didn't mind it so far as I'm very flexible. But nevertheless it is nice to have a real agenda and to arrange early at what time you do something. That was the best change to the normally daily life in the past 15 years.

BaZ: Do you feel physically stronger as compared to the same time in other seasons?

No, I wouldn't say it like that. I was always looking together with Pierre Paganini to have 3 times a year a one month building block. That wasn't the optimum as Pierre said that you can only fullfill your full potential after six weeks consecutive training. But it still worked for me. Now I'm feeling strong but wasn't able to go the full distance yet. I have still 80 days left until the Australian Open which is very luxirous. That's why I hope that I will return really strong even though I know of course that I was injured. That's why I don't want to get so euphoric.

BaZ: How much do you miss tennis? For example the Swiss Indoors in Basel who start this Saturday with the qualification?

My home tournament, the tour and tennis in general mean a lot to me. Nevertheless it was surprisingly easy for me to accept that I couldn't take part. When I knew that I couldn't participate at the Olympic Games I already forgot about it.

Baz: So you haven't seen any tennis since then?

At first I also thought that I would opt out for half a year. But that is really not the case. I check every day who plays against whom. I also have a look at the Challenger Tour and follow how Marco Chiudinelli is doing there.

BaZ: Really? You have a look at the results of Challenger tournaments?

Yes, I always did it as it interests me. So I was always up to date. I never complained that I was being forced out of the game and immediately accepted the things how they are.

BaZ: That are no bad prospects for the time after your retirement. Especially successful athletes often fall in a sort of limbo.

That will be a totally different situation then which you can't compare with the current one. Then it will be a definite one, there won't be a turning back then like now. Therefore I hope that I will be able to make the decision on my own will and that I won't be forced for example due to an injury. I can tell you then how it really is once the time has come. I always knew though that I also have a good life beside tennis. It's too early for a retirement yet as I have the feeling that there are still some things possible.

BaZ: Was there a moment this year in which you thought: Now it has happened that all the injuries are due to my age?

There are always moments of doubts. But I got stronger within the years. That's why I won't say that it's a matter of age. It's for sure though that there is wear and tear. That's the case with my knee for sure. But one has also to relativize there that the knee was in a state 8 years ago that it could have made a crack. The doctors back then already told me after a MRI for knee problems: Your knee doesn't look good! One week later the pain was gone and I continued to play the past years with it without a problem. So it could have already caught me earlier on. I guess that it has less to do with my age but more with the fact that I played over 1000 matches. It's normal that one day something will happen.

BaZ: So you don't worry about getting older?

No, you can't be concerned with it to much. You can see it positive and turn it to your favour. I try to benefit from my experiences but to be open at the same time for something new and for other ideas. The age can help you with this.

BaZ: So you are far apart from a midlife crisis?

I think so. It was incredible how easy it was for me to come back after the surgery. Then it is easier for sure to stay positive. After Monte Carlo something must have happened with my knee. Then it was indeed difficult for a while. I asked myself: How do I play with an injury? That was like I said difficult but at the same time also exciting.

BaZ: You haven't said anything yet about the triumph of Stan Wawrinka at the US Open...

I didn't want to as it was his moment and not my one. I thought it was incredible. Eventhough I think highly about Stan I thought that Novak Djokovic would win the US Open. I went to bed after the 4:1 for Novak in the first set. Even more surprised I was in the morning when I saw the result. I was extremely happy for Stan. His victory is enormous and that's even an understatement for his achievement.

BaZ: Would you have once thought that he would be able to be so successful?

When I practiced with him for the first time I was very impressed of his backhand. But apart from that? I have seen the Stan who stood 5 metres behind the baseline and tried to chip the ball into the court. And today he is the big star with an amazing status and a career which every other player would wish to have. To lift the trophy at the USO in front of that crowd and this after a victory against Djokovic – that's monumental! At one fell swoop everything is worth what you had to do in 25 years. It is great that he got rewarded for his hard work. Well, I also had to work hard – maybe even harder because I work even longer than him together with Pierre (laughs).

BaZ: What can you learn from him?

A lot. I asked myself the next day: How on earth did he manage this? How did he, the former player
with a little komplex, who was always close but never able to fullfill it, became Super-Stan? I think it was the belief in himself, that he is able to achieve everything today once the machine got going. In former times I always called him „Diesel“ as he needed his time to get started. He is a good example how much the head matters.

BaZ: Novak Djokovic on the other hand is in a crisis...

… A little one...

BaZ: Are you surprised?

Yes, I am surprised indeed. I would have expected that he would continue to win after the French Open where he was on a high. But at the same time it was also a new situation for him. With the victory in Paris he achieved everything so that he might have asked himself: Why do I still play? You have to get used to it, that wasn't any different for Rafa or myself. But I think that he will return back to winning because he is just too good.

BaZ: You are here in Monacor to celebrate together with Rafael Nadal the opening of his tennis academy. Would a project like this be thinkable for you?

No, not at all. I think it's incredible what he managed here. In Switzerland we have tennis complexes with maximal 8, 9 courts. But here with the 20 courts you nearly feel like at a Grand Slam tournament. When he first told me about his ideas it sounded surreal to me: Tennis courts, hotel, academy, spa, museums and much more. I absolutely wanted to see it. There is no other player of his calibre who created something similiar. Maybe Nick Bolkettiere but he was never a top player himself. I also got offers to go into that direction but I don't see it in Switzerland, due to the weather is one reason. Apart from that I would compete with such a project in a certain degree with Swiss Tennis. And to do something like that abroad is even more out of question for me.

BaZ: How far ahead do you plan your career? There are rumours going around that you are already working on the programme for 2018!

2018? That is the year after next! Of course I am optimistic that I will return and everything will work out. Nevertheless I want to do things in small ways. Firstly it's about being able to play 5 consecutive tournaments before looking ahead. Of course it would be my wish that I will still be on tour then.

BaZ: Will we see you next week at the Swiss Indoors?

Nothing is planned yet. The fans already know for a long time that I won't be there. The tournament will still go well without me.

Original source: Nichts verpassen
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