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1st day of Main Draw Mon. Aug. 29

Posted 09-03-2005 at 06:16 PM by

After meeting my friends in the Shea Stadium parking lot, I went into the tennis center - it sucked to have to deal with lines after just walking in right away during the qualies, but the lines were not that bad. We decided to get Ashe Stadium Day Session tickets because they offer the same admission as the grounds passes but only cost us $5 more per day. However, I think the difference is greater later on in the tournament.

I first went to see Ricardo Mello-Juan Monaco. I didn't know Monaco was called "Pico," that is what a bunch of people in Argentine jerseys were calling him. He was wearing the sparkly shirt that Mathieu has also been wearing. Mello has a pretty weak backhand, but a very consistent forehand that he can control the points with, and Monaco was making a lot more errors. Only a couple of Brazilians here, I guess they just all go to see Guga. But there were a few of the guys with the green and yellow wigs we would see later in the week.

This was on court 17, so I could just turn around on changeovers and stuff and watch Mariano Puerta practice w/ his coach on court 16. Then when he finished, Robredo and Tursunov practiced together.

I then walked around court 16 to court 15 and watched Cyril Saulnier-Janko Tipsarevic. Janko was wearing awesome sunglasses. Cyril had a random group of American guys cheering for him on every point, don't know why... I saw the first set tiebreak, and then the second set went to a tiebreak as well. After this, Guga, Moya, and Garcia Lopez were all hitting around together on court 16, so I watched that for a bit.

After that, I went to watch Nadal-Reynolds on Ashe. The seats we had were in the upper promenade, but we at least got to move down to the lowest rows of that, so the view wasn't too bad. I had been apart from my friend who had the bottles of water in his bag, so I was just happy to finally get a drink...

I then went back to the outer courts. Saw the very end of Novak-Norman, with not very many other people, although a girl who I believe was with Jiri was there, she was way prettier than Jiri. Norman did some interview with a tv station afterwards, don't know what that was about.

I then went to watch Puerta-Okun, but the court was packed with people cheering for Okun. I couldn't even get a seat or spot there, so I went over to court 14, and watched some of Igor Andreev-Gilles Elseneer. There were not many people there, although I was sharing a bleacher section with David Ferrer and Alex Calatrava, who were both cheering on Igor. Igor also seems to have a Spanish coach, it was kinda strange to hear him yell out "Vamos, Igor!" I didn't realize Igor was an honorary member of the Spanish Armada. His forehand is great to watch, though.

I then got a crepe from the food court - it was very good, with ham, mushrooms, spinach, and cheese. I think it cost 8 dollars, but it was filling. I brought it with me to watch Gasquet-Alberto Martin on court 11. I got a seat on the bleachers that are above the baseline, opposite the tv camera. I definitely felt very French eating my crepe and watching Richard... The match was a rollercoaster of emotions. Martin was very consistent and making Richard work very hard. I was frustrated that Richard wasn't doing more with Martin's very weak serves. Some of Martin's second serves were in the mid-70s MPH. It didn't help that some lady behind me answered her phone while Richard was serving late in the fourth set. "OH MY GAWD, WHERE ARE YOU? IM HERE WATCHING THIS NEW FRENCH KID, RICHARD SOMETHING!" I saw myself on TV later, though...

By this time, it was past sunset, and the last matches were going on the outer courts. I met up with my friends, and watched Robredo-Daniele Bracciali on court 6. Bracciali has a very girly grunt, he may want to work on that. It was an entertaining match.

We were going to get night tickets to watch Andre, but my friend went to the box office around 2 PM and they were sold out. Apparently there was some guy who just missed out yelling out, "But I want to see Andre!"
The only match left was Karlovic-Fish on the grandstand. We stopped in for a few games, one of which was Fish breaking Karlovic, and then left, because we wanted to get some food, check into the hotel, and watch Andre on TV.

By the time we stopped at Wendy's and checked into the Ramada, there was only a few games left of Agassi-Sabau - oh well, at least I got a good night's sleep.
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    Re: 1st day of Main Draw Mon. Aug. 29

    you seem to have spent a very great day
    Posted 09-03-2005 at 07:52 PM by Corinna Corinna is offline
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