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Posted 10-27-2005 at 04:21 AM by

Well Novak lost today But I still love him. He's talented. He'll win some day.

It's parent's weekend this weekend so I probably won't be on much. I have to get them to take me to the mall to buy my Bjorn Borg outfit. I want to get a haircut so I can do this dress up deal. I WANT TO BE THE BORG FOR HALLOWEEN, ok? I feel like that's normal. I mean, my iPod is named Bjorn-Pablo Djokovic. Naming iPods is normal too, I swear.

Anyway, school... blah... school sucks.

The end.

People don't read this as much as they used to. Boooo.

And to end for real... I got an AMAZING package from Scott today with like a trillion CreamSavers and 2 Mr. Goodbars and a HUGE HUGE bar of Hershey's and some gum and some other candy. I love Scott a lot and I would love him just as much if he didn't send me things
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    Deboogle!.'s Avatar

    Re: Boo..

    lol, you crack me up Jess
    Posted 10-27-2005 at 11:51 PM by Deboogle!. Deboogle!. is offline
    knight_ley's Avatar

    Re: Boo..

    is this where you have been????
    so your LJ is dead?
    i didnt even know you posted in this till this very moment i guess this is why you have disappeared from my LJ life...

    Posted 10-28-2005 at 12:53 AM by knight_ley knight_ley is offline
    Corinna's Avatar

    Re: Boo..

    enjoy your weekend dear
    Posted 10-28-2005 at 06:11 PM by Corinna Corinna is offline
    Fergie's Avatar

    Re: Boo..

    Good weekend
    Posted 10-29-2005 at 03:53 AM by Fergie Fergie is offline
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