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Posted 11-29-2004 at 09:39 AM by billhugh
anyone who wants to talk to me go ahead .pommiebill
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Posted 11-29-2004 at 07:20 AM by Micca
Hey guys!

I just started this blog today I really dont know what to say,, Just post a nice comment here and I'll post back

Talk to ya guys later! x0x0 Micca
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Posted 11-29-2004 at 04:03 AM by Leena
Hihi, new blog.

The blogs here seem nice... a lot easier to just blab on than my livejournal one.

I have nothing interesting to add yet.

Maybe later, I will.


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My blog...

Posted 11-27-2004 at 06:19 PM by Nymeria
So I can have a blog here. I can leave messages for you about me or my mood or whatever I think is intresting?! Well I guess this blog will be kinda boring then
So don't expect too much of it, I just wanted to give it a try.

So do you know who I actually am? I guess some people think I'm male, just because my nick Legolas. But as the name of the blog says... I'm a girl. Maybe I'm not supposed to call me a girl, coz I should say a young lady, but well I prefer to say I ama...
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Posted 11-26-2004 at 01:20 AM by Éowyn
i have nothing of interest to say so i shall just say is hysterical!
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